Blue Jasmine review: why this new al fresco bar and Thai buffet is totally worth an after-work visit

If you’re not exactly a fan of overcrowded bars with loud, blasting music, and prefer an airy, quaint space that allows conversation with your friends and a curated range of homely Thai food and alcohol selection, Park Hotel Farrer Park’s new al fresco bar and Blue Jasmine restaurant is your perfect place for an after work hangout with close friends and family.

Located conveniently right outside Farrer Park MRT Station, Park Hotel Farrer Park’s Blue Jasmine bar and buffet is located on the fifth floor, together with the hotel’s swimming facilities. I was pleasantly surprised at how open and inviting the al fresco (open air) bar space was, with high ceilings, spaced out seatings for privacy and comfort, as well as the abundant amount of lush greenery that scattered the place. Unlike the busy and noise-polluted Central Business District area, the hotel’s surroundings are quiet and less fast-paced, suitable for individuals who are seeking refuge from their hectic working life once in a while.

My company of four was blessed with breezy and cool weather at the open bar that day, but Blue Jasmine also offers a dimmed, warm and cozy indoor seating area with upholstered leather seats, marble tables and rustic brick walls in case of bad weather.

Immediately upon sitting, I was offered drinks from their huge selection. Not being a fan of alcohol myself, I asked for a non-alcoholic option, and was presented with the world’s first alcohol-free wine from Carl Jung, with Chardonnay (white wine produced from green grapes) and red wine variations. Upon tasting, both tasted very similar to their alcoholic versions, although the tell-tale tart taste of wine was absent. The Chardonnay is perfect for beginners or those who prefer a lighter and sweeter flavour to their drinks, while the red wine was richer in taste.

Apart from the extensive selection of alcohol (including classics like Singapore Slings and Magaritas, and Premium Pours such as Jameson Irish Whisky), many non-alcoholic, child-friendly beverages are also available. Choose from a selection of juices like young coconut, watermelon, and cranberry, or the classic Coke and Sprite.

View the drink and bar snacks menu here.

The bar’s Daily Happy Hour (or six) runs generously from 3pm to 9pm for all cocktails, draught beer, house wine and house pour spirits, ensuring you have enough time to commute after work without having to rush.

However, the star of the show remains the hotel’s fragrant and flavourful signature Thai dishes which is usually served to guests ala carte and buffet-style. All dishes are created by the humble and soft-spoken, yet formidable head chef Chef Nipaporn, who was inspired by her experiences and vibrant flavours of Thai spices from her childhood years.


Tiger Cry Beef Salad

The first dish to be served was the Tiger Cry Beef Salad, which is said to be so spicy, even ferocious tigers cry after eating it. Fortunately, the name is just a myth, the tender beef strips are sliced and cooked in an aromatic and a flavour-bomb of a sauce that oozes out in your mouth. This dish is definitely one of my favourites of the night, as you’re able to taste all of the unique characteristics (sour, spicy, then sweet) of each spice, making it an unforgettable and “must order” choice.

This dish is served at the buffet line, with other equally delectable options such as their Tom Yum soup, and Thai fishcake.

Cha Om fried egg

This crowd favourite Thai omelette is rolled and served with Nam Prik Kapi – a well-known Thai dipping sauce made with shrimp paste, lime, palm sugar and chillies for a multi-layered and complex flavour. You can opt out of dipping if you’re not big on spices – the fried egg is perfect on its own!

Order this dish from their menu.


Thai Basil Chicken Kaprao

The dish is featured top right.

If you fancy a Thai-Chinese fusion meal, opt for this minced chicken, garlic and chilli one, with basil imparting its unique flavour to the dish. The warm and spicy kick from the garlic and chilli, paired together with the tenderness of the minced chicken gives the dish a home-cooked feeling. Order this from their menu, and enjoy with Thai rice, coloured periwinkle with the Butterfly Pea flower.

Crispy Lemongrass Seabass

This one takes so much effort to create, the orders are limited to one serve based on the number of people! The meaty fish is cubed, fried and then coated with the chef’s housemade sauce of tom yum paste, sweet chilli sauce, lemongrass and lime to produce this dish. Even non-fans of seafood will fall for the crunchy, spicy and sweet exterior and the juicy fish inside.

This dish is also crowned with the remnants of the Barramundi, making a perfect photo op on your feed, like the one above.

Phad Kee Mao Chicken

Another winner of the evening, this primarily Chinese Kway Teow dish is given a fresh Thai spin with fish sauce, sugar, and chilli. Unlike many options on the market, this one never tastes oily, greasy, or “heavy”, and its rather light and fragrant on the mouth, providing an option if you just want a quick and simple meal.

You can even choose from Seafood, Chicken, and Beef.


Mini Mango Sticky Rice

They say we have a second stomach for dessert, and in the case of Blue Jasmine’s Mini Mango Sticky Rice, I think I’d devoured it even if I didn’t. The buffet item is served in a tiny ceramic plate, and features a small serving of blue coloured sticky rice, thanks to the Butterfly Pea flower, fresh mango chunks, and coconut milk.

Bonus: Chendol

Although this dessert is not part of the Signature buffet spread, be sure to order this sinful but oh-so-worth-it dish when you get the chance. Probably my favourite part of the meal, this chendol is made primarily of the iconic green chendol and unapologetically creamy coconut sorbet, and also features homemade red and blue rubies (made with chestnuts) that were a delight to chew on, jackfruit, as well as young coconut pieces.

Enjoy this chilly dessert on a hot and humid afternoon at the al fresco bar, by the pool, or as a perfect way to end of your busy day.


Blue Jasmine bar and restaurant

Address: Blue Jasmine and its al fresco bar is located at Park Hotel Farrer Park (10 Farrer Park Station Road, Park Hotel Farrer Park, Level 5, Singapore 217564), or right at Farrer Park station’s doorstep.

Opening Hours:  Lunch: 11am–3pm daily(a-la-carte).

Dinner: Mon, Tues, & Sun: 6.30pm–10pm (a-la-carte), Wed-Sat: 6.30pm–10pm (Signatures Buffet)

Happy Hour at Blue Jasmine’s al fresco bar: 3p.m.- 6p.m. daily.

For more information, visit their website, call +65 6824 8851, or email [email protected].