17 best matcha places for the most delicious matcha desserts and drinks

We all know that Singaporeans can’t get enough of bubble tea, but there’s another tea-related treat that a lot of us are hooked on: matcha.

Although commonly confused with green tea, matcha is not quite the same as the beverage you get at sushi restaurants. Matcha is grown differently than regular green tea, where the tea bushes are shielded from sunlight for about 20–30 days before harvest – this triggers an increase in chlorophyll levels, which is why you will find that matcha comes in a much more vivid shade of green, and also packed with more caffeine and antioxidants.

If you are part of the crowd that enjoys matcha drinks and desserts, you’ll be elated to know that many establishments in Singapore offer delicious matcha offerings, from established Japanese brands to local entrepreneurs. Read on to see where you should satisfy your matcha cravings in Singapore!

1. 108 Matcha Saro

When this high-quality matcha dessert shop originating from Hokkaido first landed on our shores, there was so much buzz and excitement surrounding it that they have gone on to open another outlet in Changi Airport after just a few months!

108 Matcha Saro uses premium Uji Matcha powder from Kyoto made in collaboration with traditional tea masters using ancient blending techniques and the highest grade of quality tea leaves. They also use Wandan red bean from Pingtung, Taiwan – these are well-known for their rich and distinct flavour!

Their best-sellers include the Obanyaki, Warabi Mochi, and Matcha Parfait Deluxe. They have also just added new items to their menu: Shiro Mochi Obanyaki, Matcha Almond Nougat,and Houjicha Almond Nougat – these will certainly delight the taste buds of hardcore matcha fans.

Check out our review of 108 Matcha Saro here.

Address: 5 Temasek Blvd, #B1-K5, Suntec City, Singapore 038985 | Changi Airport #02-93 Departure Hall North Terminal 3
Opening hours: Check their Facebook page for opening hours of each outlet
More information: Facebook | Instagram

2. Asanoya Boulangerie

Source: DanielFoodDiary

This Japanese bakery traces its history back to the year 1933, where it first started out as a store catering to foreign embassies and diplomats in Japan. As demand for European-type hard breads increased in Japan, Asanoya was one of the pioneers who made bread an integral part of local food culture.

If you love matcha AND salted egg, you have to try this quirky pastry from Asanoya Boulangerie: Matcha Salted Egg Croissant! It may sound a little strange, but you’ll love the hints of matcha along with the savoury salted egg lava.

Unfortunately, this matcha pastry is served in limited quantities from 11am onwards while stocks last, so be sure to queue early if you want to get your hands on this!

Address: Check their website for addresses of each outlet
Opening hours: Check their website for opening hours of each outlet
More information: WebsiteFacebook | Instagram

3. Azabu Sabo

Source: Miss Tam Chiak

If you frequent Takashimaya’s basement level, you would definitely have seen this popular dessert shop and teahouse – almost every customer is there to get their hands on their Hokkaido gelato ice-cream.

They use only the best ingredients to ensure premium quality and authenticity – in fact, each and every scoop is painstakingly created with a unique technique by their exclusively flown-in Japanese Ice-cream Specialist. You can expect only Hokkaido’s farm-fresh quality milk with no chemical additives in each scoop!

Their best-selling flavour is undoubtedly the matcha flavour – this has a distinct green tea flavour that comes with azuki red bean bits. Some customers have also pointed out that the ice-cream does not melt easily in Singapore’s hot weather, so you don’t have to worry about having to deal with a gooey green mess on your hands while attempting to eat this.

Address: Check their website for addresses of each outlet
Opening hours: 11.15AM to 10.15AM daily
More information: Website |  Facebook | Instagram

4. Belle-Ville Pancake Cafe

Source: 8days

Hailing from Osaka Japan, this pancake café is best known for its meringue made-to-order millefeuille pancakes, included with homemade whipped Hokkaido cream, stacked from two to eight layers.

Matcha lovers can’t miss their Matcha with Rice Ball & Red Bean Pancake, which is a concoction of warm pancakes, fresh Hokkaido cream, gooey adzuki red beans, chewy shiratama dango (glutinous rice flour mochi) and a drizzle of black honey.

If you are wondering they seem less generous with the matcha powder in this dessert, here’s why: it is actually already blended into the millefeuille pancakes, so it adds a touch of tea fragrance to the stack – yum!

Address: 100AM Mall 01-14b, 100 Tras Street, Singapore 079027 | Bugis Junction #01-01B, Towers 230 Victoria Street Singapore 188024
Opening hours: 9AM to 9PM daily
More information: Facebook | Instagram

5. Hattendo Singapore Cafe

Source: Seth Lui

How good can a cream bun get? As Hattendo will show you, this deceptively simple snack can be really good.

Beyond the soft outer layer (so soft that every step of the preparation has to be handmade because it will be torn if wrapped by a machine) is smooth and fresh cream that comes in five different flavours, with matcha being one of the more popular options. The matcha flavour uses a Fukuoka brand powdered green tea for light bitterness in the cream, well-balanced by a suitable amount of sweetness – exactly how we like our matcha treats to be.

Address: Tanjong Pagar Centre, #01-05, 7 Wallich Street Singapore 078884
Opening hours: 10AM to 9PM (Mon to Fri), 11AM to 8PM (Sun, Public Holidays), closed on Sat
More information: Website | Facebook | Instagram

6. Hoshino Coffee

Source: City Nomads

Pancake Soufflés are this Japanese cafe chain’s best-selling desserts, and the most popular variant is certainly the Matcha Soufflé – we are sure you must have seen at least one friend post this on Instagram!

The soft, moist, warm, and delicious pancakes, drizzled with sweet matcha sauce and soy beans, are a customer-favourite – you can also add on scoops of ice cream if you want to add an extra oomph to this amazing dessert.

For those who can’t decide between choosing drinks or desserts, the Ice Matcha Latte with Green Tea Flavoured Softee is a delightful drink-cum-dessert that you can also check out. After all, why choose when you can have the best of both worlds?

Address: Check their website for addresses of each outlet
Opening hours: Check their website for opening hours of each outlet
More information: Website |  Facebook | Instagram

7. Hvala

Source: Seth Lui

If you just want a simple cup of matcha in a beautiful space modelled after a teahouse, Hvala will do just the trick. On a lazy weekend afternoon, head to any of their outlets, order one of their signature Matcha (or Matcha Houjicha) Lattes, and watch the staff prepare your tea on the spot for you.

What makes the matcha here unique is the powder used: Hvala prides itself in using Tsuki matcha. This type of matcha is nicely fragrant, earthy, and soothing – you can’t miss the pleasantly distinctive vegetal notes in this matcha powder.

Address: Check their website for addresses of each outlet
Opening hours: Check their website for opening hours of each outlet
More information: Website | Facebook | Instagram

8. Japan Rail Cafe

Source: Entree Kibbles

Opened by East Japan Railway Company (JR East), Japan Rail Cafe is a one-stop-shop for food and products imported from Japan, so it’s no surprise that one of the best matcha lattes that you can find in Singapore.

The Uji Matcha Latte is subtly sweet with a smooth, creamy texture that matcha lovers will know to be the hallmark of good matcha. Have this hot or cold – either one will still boast the same exquisite and complex taste that will leave you wanting more.

Address: 5 Wallich Street #01-20 Tanjong Pagar Centre, Singapore 078883
Opening hours: 11AM to 9PM daily
More information: Website | Facebook | Instagram

9. Kagurazaka Saryo

Source: Daniel Food Diary

Known to have nine outlets in Japan with 14 years of history, Kagurazaka Sargyo is a Japanese teahouse that specialises in matcha desserts and drinks. The menu offers a selection of signature matcha desserts, but if you can only pick one to spend your calories on, it definitely is the famed Matcha Fondue with Assorted Sides.

As a reviewer on Burpple describes this, it is ‘a gooey bittersweet dip made with high-quality matcha and melted white chocolate’. You dip slices of banana, strawberry, shiratama, and stroopwafels in the wonderful matcha goodness, all with a scoop of ice cream at the side – sounds like matcha heaven to us!

Address: #01-59, 1 Habourfront Walk, VivoCity, Singapore 098585
Opening hours: 12PM to 9PM daily
More information: Facebook

10. Maccha House

Source: Daniel Food Diary

10,000 servings of this Uji Maccha Tiramisu are known to be sold globally each day, with queues up to 4 hours in Kyoto – if these numbers are not enough to convince you that this is one of the best matcha desserts you can get in Singapore, we don’t know what else will be.

Sweet with a well-defined matcha flavour, this matcha tiramisu even comes with a small cup of tea on the side so that you can savour the aromatic tea till the last bite. At SGD6 per set, it is also one of the more affordable matcha options if you don’t want to spend a bomb.

Another dessert worth checking out at Maccha House is the Matcha Chocolate Parfait, which is good to share for two – the rich and thick matcha ice cream will certainly satisfy even the most cynical of matcha critics!

Address: 181 Orchard Road, Orchard Central #08-09/11 Singapore 238896 | 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall #B1-172, Singapore 038983
Opening hours: 11AM to 10PM daily
More information: Website | Facebook

11. Matchaya

Source: Burpple

How much do Singaporeans love matcha? Enough for us to have our very own home-grown matcha brand!

Matchaya started off with pop-ups and a kiosk at Icon Village and has now evolved into a fuller-fledged café concept so that you can sit down and leisurely enjoy your matcha.

They currently offer more than 80 items on the menu (impressive, we know!) – all products use matcha specially sourced directly from tea farms in Japan (4nd generation tea farmers in Uji and 3rd generation grand tea-master in Shizuoka), and only the flush spring harvest shaded green tea is utilised.

You might have seen their soft serves all over Instagram, and fans will have you know that these just as good as they look. If you are not up for cold desserts, you can also order their Koicha Azuki Roll Cake, made with a generous amount of ceremonial matcha and Chantilly cream, Azuki red beans and 100% activated charcoal sponge cake.

Address: Icon Village, #01-72, 12 Gopeng Street, Singapore 078877 |  The Cathay, #01-08, 2 Handy Road, Singapore 229233
Opening hours: Check their Facebook page for opening hours of each outlet
More information: Website | Facebook | Instagram

12. Nana’s Green Tea

Source: Seth Lui

Arguably one of the earliest Japanese cafes to make matcha popular in Singapore, Nana’s Green Tea has opened branches all over the world, a testament to their expertise in high-quality Matcha-based lattes, unique parfaits, and traditional Japanese sweets.

Although desserts are the brand’s specialty, they are also well-known for their wide selection of drinks that make the perfect accompaniment to any meal. Signature drinks include Matcha Latte, MatchaShiratama Float, Hoji Chocolate Latte, and Genmai Cha – although all can be loosely classified as ‘matcha drinks’, each one of them has their own unique appeal, which really shows how amazingly versatile matcha can be in the right hands!

Address: The Atrium @ Orchard, Plaza Singapura 60B, Orchard Road, #03-80/82, Singapore 238891 | DUO Galleria, 7 Fraser street #01-38/39, Singapore 189356
Opening hours: 11AM to 10PM daily
More information: Facebook | Instagram

13. Old Hen Coffee Bar

Source: Daniel Food Diary

Said to be the pioneer of the cold brew wave in Singapore, Old Hen Coffee Bar is actually famous for its Cold Matcha Milk.

This may come as a surprise to many – for starters, it calls itself a ‘coffee bar’, and is not a traditional Japanese brand that has been brewing matcha for centuries. However, just one sip of this thick, creamy matcha with hints of sweetness from the glass bottle is enough to convince you that this is indeed one of the best matchas you can get in Singapore.

Address: 88 Rangoon Rd, #01-03, Singapore 218374
Opening hours: 9.30AM to 6.30PM daily
More information: Website | Facebook | Instagram

14. Ronin

Source: Shape Singapore

This dimly-lit cafe hidden in Hong Kong Street may look unassuming to those who don’t know, but for those who do know, this is one of the best places in Singapore to chill with a cuppa – of matcha.

Ronin’s Matcha Tone is one for the serious matcha connoisseurs – an Insta-worthy blend of matcha paste and steamed milk are served in a glass cup, and you can get the choice of mixing it all up, sipping it, or using a spoon to scrape at it.

Address: 17 Hongkong St, Singapore 059660
Opening hours: 8AM to 6PM
More information: Website | Facebook | Instagram

15. Tachihara Coffee

Source: Daniel Food Diary

Tachihara Coffee is related to Pullman Bakery (Japanese bakery with its origins from Hokkaido), which is why you will find a delightful pairing of matcha pastries and drinks here. In fact, matcha features on every single section of the menu here, so you can have a full meal with every single dish made with matcha.

The Matcha Cream Toast looks uncannily like our Kaya Toast, and you’ll love the light and subtle matcha cream served by the side – you can spread it on your toast or simply dip the toast slices in this cream for a decadent treat that you can even have for breakfast.

Address: 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-96 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
Opening Hours:
8:30AM – 9:30PM daily

16. Tsujiri

Source: Chubby Hubby

Tsujiri has been making its famous green tea O-Matcha for more than 150 years – yes, before the matcha craze caught on – so you can be certain that it has perfected its craft after more than a century of working with matcha.

The matcha floats and parfaits are unsurprisingly the main crowd drawers, but if you are just craving a good matcha latte to quench your thirst and fuel your day, the O-Matcha Latte will be your go-to.

Address: 176 Orchard Road #01-101 The Centrepoint Singapore 238843 | 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #01-74 The Central Singapore 059817
Opening hours: Check their website for opening hours of each outlet
More information: WebsiteFacebook

17. Watanabe Coffee

Source: Seth Lui

Another cafe hailing from Japan, Watanabe Coffee may be better associated with their excellent coffee, but the insiders know that it is their matcha that really deserves multiple repeat visits.

Using only ‘Uji-Maccha’ premium Japanese Green Tea, their selection of matcha food & beverages is enough to get any matcha fanatic seriously excited – think shibuya toasts, parfaits, puddings, roll cakes, shakes, and lattes.

We know you like to share your love of matcha on social media, and there’s no better item to show than the absolutely Instagrammable Gold Soft Serve. Gold leaves from Kanazawa and a delicious matcha Hokkaido soft serve – sounds like a winning combination to us!

Address: 350 Orchard Road Shaw House, Isetan Scotts #01-00, Singapore 238868
Opening hours: 8AM to 10PM (Sun to Thu), 8AM to 11PM (Fri, Sat, PH)
More information: WebsiteFacebook | Instagram