Best Log Cakes in 2023 to Impress Your Guests With

No Christmas dinner is complete without a log cake – it makes for the perfect centrepiece and the most delightful after-dinner treat.

If you’re looking for one to serve to your guests or bringing one to a party, here are AVENUE ONE‘s top picks.

Carlton Hotel Singapore

Golden Bird's Nest Yule Log
Golden Bird’s Nest Yule Log

Introducing this year’s debutant, the Golden Bird’s Nest Yule Log (S$78), a luxurious masterpiece that presents a delightful medley of flavours and textures.

Inside, you’ll discover delicate layers of osmanthus sponge paired with a velvety osmanthus vanilla crémeux, sous-vide water chestnuts, fresh mango compote, and bird’s nest encased in luscious dark chocolate.

Adorned with a resplendent copper finish, this yule log exudes opulence, adding a touch of grandeur to any celebration.

For strawberry enthusiasts, the newly introduced Strawberry Shortcake Bliss Yule Log (S$78) makes an irresistible choice.

This delightful creation seamlessly combines the classic flavours of a strawberry shortcake with the tradition of a yule log. Additionally, catering to those with a fondness for panettone, the Artisanal Hazelnut Chocolate Panettone (S$38) promises exceptional quality that will truly delight your palate.

Available till 25 December. To order, call 6349 1292, email [email protected] or visit its website.


nesuto log cakes

Nesuto has created two delectable Yule Log cakes to delight your holiday season.

For a classic log cake made with an exquisite blend of luxurious ingredients, look no further than its Chocolate Yule Log (S$69).

This is a light and fluffy chocolate sponge that encases a smooth and creamy caraibe whipped ganache, adorned with a silky dark chocolate ganache.

For a delightful textural contrast, the cake boasts a pecan cocoa nib crunch that adds a subtle nuttiness and earthiness, complementing the rich chocolate flavours. The masterpiece is crowned with Nesuto’s signature housemade pecan praline for a touch of festive flair.

Ready to elevate this decadent treat? It pairs perfectly with Bernkasteler Badstube Riesling Spätlese (S$69/bottle), also available at Nesuto, promising an unforgettable Christmas experience.

Alternatively, enjoy the Chestnut & Vanilla Yule Log (S$69).

Inspired by Nesuto’s popular Matcha Chestnut sliced cake, the Chestnut & Vanilla Yule Log features a vibrant matcha sponge layered with a cloud of velvety vanilla chantilly.

A decadent chestnut brandy mousse infuses the cake with a luxurious and nutty aroma, balanced by a light vanilla crème. A touch of tartness comes from the crowning Griottine cherry, making this log cake a delightful and light treat for the festive season. Pair it with the Forteto della Luja ‘Piasa Rischei’ Loazzolo (Late Harvest Moscato) (S$78/bottle) for a perfect culinary experience.

Available till 31 December. Order online.


swissbake log cake

Artisanal halal-certified bakery Swissbake has rolled out a line-up of festive bakes. If you’re looking for delicious log cakes that can be enjoyed by everyone, there are two to pick from.

The Nutcracker’s Chocolate Yule Log (S$60) boasts a moist chocolate cake, nutty chocolate hazelnut spread, and a crunchy coating of salted caramel cereals. This is the cake that all chocolate fanatics will go crazy for.

For something lighter and more refreshing, consider the Rudolph’s Yogurt Yule Log (S$60). This is filled with strawberry puree, yogurt, and luscious strawberry fruit, all enveloped in moist red financier cake.

Place your orders before 20 December through its website.

Dao by Dorsett AMTD Singapore

log cake - Dao by Dorsett AMTD Singapore

The Enchanted Forest Log Cake from Dao by Dorsett is a delightful one that will please your tastebuds.

Featuring a delectable blend of chocolate buttercream and impeccably whipped Valrhona Araguani chocolate cream, each bite of this log cake is irresistible, especially with the addition of Valrhona Dark Chocolate Crunchy Pearls that imparts a delightful textural contrast.

Priced at S$56, available till 25 December. Order online.

One Farrer Hotel

Xmas Logcakes and Goodies

This year marks Pastry Chef Wee Pai Hau’s debut at One Farrer Hotel and his first Christmas collection features a delightful array of sweet treats that showcases his abundant creativity. His Yule log cakes are certainly among the standout selections.

Check out the Bailey Irish Yule Log Cake (S$88). This intertwines the essence of the signature liquor with zesty orange confit and the delightful crunch of hazelnut royaltine, creating a harmonious gastronomic experience.

Meanwhile, the D24 Durian Yule Log Cake (S$88) features a specially chosen, less overpowering and sweeter durian variety, appealing to a wide range of guests. Enhanced with the distinctive touch of gula melaka, this blend celebrates local identity, presenting two beloved and distinct flavours in one delightful creation.

Available till 22 December. Order online.

Patisserie CLE

Patisserie CLE - Black Forest Log Cake
Black Forest Log Cake

Celebrate the essence of every Christmas gathering with Patisserie CLE”s latest delights.

The All Pistachio Log Cake (half log, S$60; full log, S$98) is a tribute to pistachio in varying textures. It boasts a velvety pistachio caramel nestled between layers of airy sponge, resting on a crisp croustillant base.

Encased in a light mousse and adorned with whipped cream, pistachio caramel discs, and crushed pistachios, topped off with miniature chocolate hollies, this log cake is an exquisite addition to the festivities.

For something a little more classic, the sleek and luxurious Black Forest Log Cake (half log, S$60; full log, S$98) will be it.

It’s a decadent fusion of Kirsch-infused cherries embraced by layers of delicate Chantilly cream within rich chocolate sponge cake, all enveloped in a blanket of chocolate mousse. With elegant swirls of chocolate mousse, delicate white chocolate snowflakes, and the delightful burst of Kirsch-infused cherries, this log cake is sure to captivate with its sumptuous richness.

Available until 30 December. Order online.

Da Paolo Gastronomia

Pistachio Raspberry Log Cake_Da Paolo Gastronomia
Pistachio Raspberry Log Cake

Elevate your extravagant celebration with captivating handmade confections.

Drawing inspiration from a magical winter landscape, the new White Forest Log Cake (S$89) presents a delicate vanilla sponge cake rolled around a luscious house-crafted morello cherry compote infused with a touch of rum.

It’s adorned with a creamy white chocolate yoghurt Chantilly and crisp white chocolate pearls. A layer of snowy white chocolate shavings blankets the log cake, evoking the charm of a winter wonderland.

This dessert strikes a delightful balance between sweet and tangy, offering a light yet satisfying indulgence.

For devotees of chocolate, rejoice in the beloved Valrhona Chocolate Log Cake (S$75). This decadent delight is generously filled and coated with a silky chocolate ganache. Crafted without gluten, nuts, or alcohol, this timeless treat is sure to please every palate.

Meanwhile, the much-adored Pistachio Raspberry Log Cake (S$98) features a delightful pistachio sponge layered with homemade raspberry jam. It’s enveloped in a delightful pistachio cream crafted from Sicilian pistachios and elegantly garnished with chopped pistachios for an irresistible finish.

Available till 31 December at any Da Paolo Gastronomia outlet. Alternatively, order online.

The Marmalade Pantry

TMP Festive 2023 - Logcakes

Besides its famous cupcakes, The Marmalade Pantry also serves beautiful and delicious log cakes that you can look forward during the festive season.

This year, it introduces the Merry Berry Cheese Log Cake (serves 8 to 10 guests, starting at S$68).

Satisfy your sweet cravings this festive season with this delightful creation that embodies the vibrant essence of raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries, wrapped in a harmonious blend of white chocolate crunch and creamy cheese frosting for a perfectly balanced flavour.

Another new creation is the Nutty Noel Chocolate Log Cake (serves 8 to 10 guests, starting at S$68). With this, you’ll be indulging a luxurious cake crafted from a luscious 70% dark chocolate crème, laced with delightful chocolate macadamia crunch, and layered within a sumptuous chocolate sponge. You’ll be in chocolate heaven!

Order online.

Tigerlily Patisserie


Switching things up from their usual log cake offering, Tiger Patisserie introduces the Spiced Pear & Dark Chocolate Log Cake this year.

Underneath its lustrous Valrhona Sakanti Bali 68% dark chocolate mousse exterior lies a delicate chocolate sponge complemented by a spiced pear compote centre resting on a crispy walnut crumble base.

Adorned with opulent gold flakes and speckles, this log cake serves as a sumptuous centerpiece for any table.

Priced at S$92, available till 12 January 2024. Order online.

Janice Wong

Christmas Collection

For warm get-togethers, beautifully crafted Christmas-themed cakes are available at Janice Wong to enhance the holiday spirit.

Go for the vibrant blue Yule Log (S$95) or take your pick from the visually stunning Christmas Wreath Celebration Cake (S$88), and boozy Santa Pom Pom Celebration Cake (S$88) if you don’t mind good cakes that aren’t shaped like a log.

There are also small cakes like the Yule Log, Christmas Bauble, and Green Wreath (all S$12) that are suitable for one.

These are available till 31 December. Order online.

Colony Bakery, The Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore

The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore_Chestnut and Tropical Yule Log Cakes_cropped

Delight in the exclusive range of handcrafted specialty log cakes skilfully prepared by Executive Pastry Chef, Richard Long, available at Colony Bakery.

Starting from S$108 each, the Tropical Yule log cake offers a refreshing blend of flavours — a delightful almond sponge cake complemented by layers of mango mousse, coconut bavarois, passion fruit curd, and crispy mango and passion fruit elements.

Meanwhile, the timeless Chestnut Yule log cake presents a holiday classic with its combination of crunchy hazelnut feuilletine, a chocolate brownie base, and a harmonious blend of chestnut mousseline cream and milk chocolate cinnamon mousse. Your palate will also be surprised with layers of vanilla-pear compôte nestled within.

For orders, call 6434 5278, email [email protected], or visit the order website.

ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove

Honey Pear Log
Honey Pear Log Cake

Blending tradition with innovation, ONE°15 Marina Sentosa Cove introduces several exciting additions to this year’s festive lineup.

The Honey Pear Log Cake (S$78) offers a unique twist on the classic, featuring a fluffy Japanese sponge generously layered with honey pear purée — sure to delight taste buds and leave them craving more.

For aficionados of durian, the Premium Mao Shan Wang Durian Log Cake (S$88) stands out, spotlighting the rich and creamy flavors of durian at their finest.

Back by popular demand, the beloved classic Dark Chocolate Log Cake (S$68) returns this Christmas with an exciting twist. Handcrafted with 78% cocoa, wafer flakes, and Chantilly cream, this version boasts an added layer of orange purée infused with bits of orangeat, lending a subtle touch of bitterness. Renowned for its decadent chocolate experience, this cake remains a cherished favourite among crowds and serves as an exquisite seasonal gift.

Available from now till 7 January 2024. To order, call 6305 6982 or via website.

The Deli, Goodwood Park Hotel

Snowy Splendour Log Cake (Dulcey Chocolate Mousse, Raspberry Confit, Chocolate Fudge on Macadamia-White Chocolate Base)
Snowy Splendour Log Cake

Enter a magical winter wonderland with a yuletide log cake that epitomises chic sophistication.

The Snowy Splendour Log Cake (S$99) boasts an alluring fusion of smooth Dulcey chocolate mousse enveloping a luxurious core of moist chocolate fudge sponge and zesty raspberry confit.

This delectable creation rests upon a crunchy white chocolate macadamia nut base, adorned with airy profiteroles filled with Dulcey chocolate mousse and dark chocolate leaves coated in shimmering gold foil.

Alternatively, consider the “Mao Shan Wang Durian Christmas Log Cake (S$148).

This exceptional indulgence features layers of velvety Mao Shan Wang’durian goodness nestled within delicate vanilla sponge, creating an irresistible delight certain to thrill aficionados of this prized fruit.

Available till 26 December. To order, visit The Deli at Goodwood Park Hotel from 10am – 7pm; contact the Christmas Call Centre at 6730 1867/68 from 10am – 6pm; email [email protected]; or via website.


Chestnut Tart Yule Log Cake

Häagen-Dazs is ready to share some yuletide cheer with its Chestnut Tart Yule Log Cakes.

You’ll love the warm notes of chestnut that fill this log cake, which showcases a creamy Chestnut Tart and classic Vanilla ice cream on a crispy graham biscuit base.

Decorated with elegant white chocolate and cocoa sprinkles, this ice cream cake certainly makes a charming centrepiece for any Christmas and year-end party.

Priced at S$88, available at all Häagen-Dazs’ shops and online.

Butter Bean

Butter Bean - Red Nose Reindeer Log Cake

Butter Bean, a Nanyang Coffee concept by BreadTalk Group, is presenting a festive Christmas lineup of exclusive creations —all Halal-certified.

Of them, the Red Nose Reindeer Log Cake is probably the most eye-catching of them all.

Inspired by the beloved seasonal character, the Red Nose Reindeer Log Cake boasts a tender chocolate chiffon filled with decadent chocolate ganache buttercream. It’s covered with cocoa powder and adorned with a charming red cherry nose and mini pretzel ears.

Priced at S$3.80 per slice or S$23.80 for a whole cake if you purchase in store; at S$4.60 per slice or S$28.60 for a whole cake if you opt for delivery. Available till 25 December. Butter Bean is located at #01-08, The Seletar Mall.