20 hot pot restaurants that serve everything from soya bean broth to laksa broth so you can satisfy all your cravings

Hot pots are never, ever a bad time for anyone, ever, and anyone who claims they don’t like hot pot has got to be lying – just a little bit!

The ultimate comfort food, hot pots are just about a good ol’ ball of a time with friends, or family, gorging yourselves on the often, free-flow helpings and meats, and warm soup in the tummy. Yum yum yum.

Want a wide selection of hot pot places to choose from (because there can never be too many, right)? Here are 20 hotpot restaurants that’ll give you a bang for your buck. The list goes from herbal double-boiled steamboats, to laksa steamboats, to creamy, soya bean steamboats.

1. Suki-Ya

Source: danielfooddiary.com

Yes, we know you’ve seen this just about everywhere – but if you’re looking for something cheap, good quality hot pots – this is it, right here.

Priced affordably, of consistent quality, and a free-flow buffet of the sides and meat, there’s nothing more to ask for for a good hearty meal of Japanese sukiyaki hot pot!

Prices go from SGD14.90 per pax for weekday lunch buffets, terms and conditions apply, opening hours differ and can be seen on their website, it has seven outlets in Bugis+, Bukit Panjang Plaza, Heartland Mall Kovan, I12 Katong (closed for renovations as of now!), Marina Square, Plaza Singapura, and Tampines Mall.

2. Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo

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You might have spied this hot pot place while shopping at Plaza Singapura or other malls it is conveniently located at.

Literally translating to ‘beauty’ hotpot, if you’ve never tried Bijin Nabe, you’ve probably always wondered about it.

Made with blocks of their signature golden collagen chicken stock, which bears a rather uncanny resemblance to our local tau huay (soya beancurd), it melts down into a thick, nourishing, rich collagen soup – which is known to give you better complexion – along with additional ingredients like prawns, fresh organic vegetables, mushrooms, and chicken meatballs.

Not enough for you? Feel free to add some additional a la carte ingredients into the pot, or side dishes!

Priced from SGD25 per pax, opens daily from 11.30am – 3pm; 5pm – 10pm, it has four outlets in Plaza Singapura, Chinatown Point, Westgate, and Liang Court. 

3. Haidilao

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Known more for the services provided during the long waiting time than its actual hotpot, this is a place to go to if you’re looking for top-notch service.

Source: kumory.blogspot.com

And by top-notch service, we’re talking about free mani and pedi given during the wait, free sides like popcorn, fruits, and other junk food.

Going at SGD20 per pot of soup, and SGD25 for twin flavours (two pots), opens daily from 10.30am – 6am, it has seven outlets at Clarke Quay, 313@Somerset, Vivo City, IMM, Bedok Mall, Royal Square @ Novena, and The Seletar Mall.

4. Captain K Seafood Tower

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Famous for its seafood tower, Captain K Sea Food Tower is every seafood lover’s greatest dream come true. How the seafood tower works is that customers can order up to 9-tiers at SGD328.90, and 3-tiers of a selection of seafood you can choose from at SGD68.90, to be stacked on top of their chosen soup base.

As the seafood in said tiers steam, the juices from the seafood will then trickle down all the way down to the soup base, for a richer, more flavourful soup base.

Source: misstamchiak.com
Source: misstamchiak.com

Pretty cool concept, huh? Customers can pick from five of their flavour soup bases: Tomyam Mushroom, Tomato, Korean Kimchi, Mala, and Ginseng Chicken. Alternatively, you could opt for their lunch sets at SGD28.80 and pick from four bases: beef, pork, seafood, and vegetarian, beef being a favourite amongst customers.

Priced at SGD16 per single soup base, and a double at SGD20, and an extra SGD4 for the Ginseng Chicken soup base, opens daily from 5.30pm – 11pm (Mon), 11.30am – 3pm; 5.30pm – 11pm (Tues – Thurs & Sun), 11.30am – 3pm; 5.30pm – 1am (Fri – Sat), 112 Middle Road #01-00, Midland House, Singapore 188970.

5. Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant

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Known to be a little bit more premium than your average Chinese hot pot restaurants, Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant cooks its soups daily from scratch, and simmered for hours, complete with choice cuts of meat, fresh seafood, vegetables, and handmade meatballs.

With a selection of rather unique and diverse soup bases such as its Imperial Drunken Chicken (SGD28), Ginseng Chicken (SGD28), Pomfret (SGD68 – has to be ordered in advance), Healthy Chicken (SGD17), Sichuan Spicy (SGD25), Pork’s Bone (SGD20), Satay Flavour (SGD17), Pork’s Bone with Tomato and Potato (SGD200) Seaweeds & Kelp (SGD17), and Century Egg with Parsley (SGD17), there is most definitely something for everyone.

That being said, keep in mind that the soup bases, especially the Healthy Chicken, tend to be lighter in taste. So for those who prefer heavier, richer soup bases, perhaps this might not be your cup of tea (or soup)!

Priced from SGD17 per soup base, opens daily from 11am – 3pm; 6pm – 11pm, with two outlets in ION Orchard, and Great World City.

6. Crystal Jade Steamboat Kitchen

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A relatively affordable hot pot buffet, with a huge selection of 35 total ingredients, including your typical selection of shabu shabu thin-sliced meats, seafood, and various condiments, it comes with six soup bases you can choose from: Pork’s Bone, Tomato, Curry, Miso, Superior, and Spicy Mala Soup.

Source: crystaljade.com

The sides not enough for you? The outlet at Holland V even has xiao long bao included in the selection of ingredients to accompany your hearty hotpot!

Priced at SGD21.90 for dinner buffets during weekdays, and SGD27.90 during weekends and public holidays, opens daily from 11am – 10pm, it has 12 outlets in total in Holland V, The Centrepoint, Zhongshan Mall, Ngee Ann City, Great World City, Plaza Singapura, Suntec City Mall, Tampines Mall, Causeway Point, Westgate, and Clementi Mall.

7. Golden Mile Thien Kee Steamboat Restaurant

Source: misstamchiak.com

Located in the rather decrepit looking Golden Mile Complex, this steamboat restaurant is little hidden treasure oozing nostalgia, and has been there since the ‘50s.

A traditional Hainanese steamboat place that serves a pretty mean bowl of delicious Chicken Rice alongside traditional chicken soup and ingredients, their standard set of ingredients include pig liver, cockles, squid, sea cucumber, fish balls, fish maw, sliced pork, sliced fish, vegetables and eggs.

Steamboat not enough for you? Simply order their chicken – tender, succulent, fresh, and juicy, it’ll have you coming back for more! Alternatively, there’re other sides like fried baby squid for some crunchy goodness, their thick slabs of pork chop, and many others you can pick from!

Prices unavailable online, but calculated according to the number of diners and the set chosen, opens daily from 11am – 10pm, 5001 Beach Road, #B1-20, Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199588.

8. Shabu Sai

Source: gnavi.co

Shabu Sai is your typical shabu shabu buffet Japanese joint that is most known for its amazing value (right beside Suki-Ya!) at SGD16.99 for weekday lunch buffets, and SGD24.99 for weekday dinner buffets.

Plus, it also serves up free-flow premium meats such as sliced US Beef, South American Pork, and Brazillian Chicken, cooked in an yin-yang pot, along with assorted veggies, mushrooms, noodles, and other condiments.

Choose from seven soup bases including Seaweed, Sukiyaki, Spicy, Tonkotsu, Tomyam Miso, Yuzu Collagen, and more recently added, Laksa. Laksa lovers, this is a must-go for you.

From SGD16.99 per two soup bases for lunch buffet, timing differs according to outlet, it has six total outlets in Westgate, Eastpoint Mall, Causeway Point, Changi City Point, Suntec City Mall, and Orchard Central.

9. Paradise Hotpot

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You probably have seen this name if you’ve patronised your fair share of Cantonese restaurants. Part of the Paradise chain, Paradise Hotpot serves individual-sized hotpots (dont need to share!), with your desired broth.

If you’ve always struggled (read: argued relentlessly with friends) about which soup base to take and could never come to a decision that everyone was happy with – this is certainly the place to go to.

Source: danielfooddiary.com

They offer a total of 14 whopping soup bases to choose from, such as Authentic Pork Bone, Century Egg with Coriander, Tomato with Sweet Corn, Teochew Style, Spicy Szechuan, Chicken with Wild Mushrooms, Thick Beef Bone, Tom Yum, Kelp and Bonito, and lastly, Korean Kimchi Soup.

Ingredients can be ordered a la carte (instead of a set) and to be shared amongst friends. Favourites include their Hand-made Jumbo Pork Ball, Fried Beancurd Skin, Sliced Wagyu Ribeye, and Sliced Kurobuta Pork.

Price starts from SGD3.50 per soup base, opens daily from 11.15am – 10pm (Mon – Fri), 10.30am – 10pm, 1 Sengkang Square, #03-05 Compass One, Singapore 545078.

10. New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant

Source: hungrygowhere.com

Here’s one for vegetarians! This is a vegetarian restaurant that has been raved about endlessly on Hungrygowhere, and customers said that their non-vegetarian friends loved the food here!

With delectable soup bases like Charcoal Fish Head, Savoury Soy Milk, flavourful Nonya-style Laksa, and Nonya Curry along with a selection of mock meats, mock seafood, fresh, juicy mushrooms and crunchy vegetables to accompany the soup base – you won’t even realise you’re completely missing meat!

Prices for one soup base start from SGD16.80, opens daily from 10am – 3pm; 5pm – 9.30pm, 282 Jln Besar, Singapore 208945.

11. Dookki

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This is a tteokbokki hot pot buffet that will be sure to satisfy your Korean cuisine cravings. Big eaters will be keen to know that Dookki literally translates to ‘two meals’, which essentially means that you’ll be getting two meals in one sitting at just SGD18.80.

What this means is that you’ll first be having your tteokbokki hot pot buffet, before finishing off with Kimchi Fried Rice, fried with the remainder of the sauce and ingredients left in the hot pot.

Source: danielfooddiary.com

What’s also interesting about this particular store is that customers may also choose from eight different selections of differently shaped tteokbokki (round, flat, slim, square, hollow!), in addition to a variety of Korean instant noodles. With a selection of fried condiments, and crunchy veggies to choose from – this is a place that is sure to satisfy anyone’s stomachs!

Note: you might want to wear some loose-fitting pants for this!

Buffets are priced at SGD 18.80 per pax, opens daily from 11.30am – 10.30pm, it has two outlets in Suntec City Mall and Clementi Mall.

12. Jjigae Jjigae

Source: danielfooddiary.com

A Korean hot pot restaurant with collagen stock, if you need a good pick-me-up for your skin (or just want a sort of guilt-free meal), this is the place to go to. The soups are said to have simmered over 16 hours, and you can choose from bases like yuzu salt, doenjang (fermented bean paste), and spicy kimchi gochujang.

With each individual hot pot going at around SGD12.90 each, with a choice of four meats – pork, beef, beef & pork, and seafood – if you can’t decide on one soup base, simply share with your friends!

Priced from SGD12.90 per individual hotpot, opens daily from 11.30am – 9.30pm (Mon – Fri), 5 Raffles Place, #B1-65 Raffles Xchange, Singapore 048618.

13. Cheese Story Mookata Buffet

Source: sethlui.com

Okay, so maybe this isn’t really your traditional steamboat where you down delicious, hot piping soup that fills your stomach with content. This is for the hardcore cheese-lovers out there. Be warned, you will put on weight.

Cheese Story Mookata Buffet is a place that serves up cheese fondue, alongside your usual Mookata barbecue in contrast to the usual soup base provided at other Mookata places.

So cheese-lovers – you know the drill – simply fry up your meats on the grill (alternatively, you could also cook your meats in the cheesy goodness!), then scoop up a generous portion of cheese to savour that oozy, cheesy goodness with succulent, tender meat.

Price starts from SGD29.90 per pax, opens daily, 24/7, 5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Complex #02-01, Singapore 199588.

14. Kimchi Korean Restaurant

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While this restaurant serves up a pretty mean plate of Kimchi Stew, don’t expect your usual ingredients like sausages, luncheon meats, and other cheap processed food. Instead, they serve slow-cooked pork ribs, onions, leek, chilli, enoki mushrooms, beancurd, kimchi, instant noodles, and your hot pot will be topped with rocket leaves.

Coming in a huge pot that can feed probably four people, at SGD48.90, the Kimchi Stew is certainly worth every penny.

Priced at SGD48.90 for approximately four people, opens daily from 11am – 10pm, 3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City West Wing, #02-387, Singapore 038987.

15. Shi Li Fang

Source: danielfooddiary.com

A hot pot restaurant that is mostly known for its cheap prices (from SGD9.90 per pot), it is no stranger to students on a budget.

Priding itself in its MSG-free soup bases, non-fried cuisine, and with over 20 dipping sauces, and a wide variety of condiments like Japanese Kurobuta Pork, Japanese Wagui Beef, and even crab, this is the place to go to if you’re looking for a nice warm hearty bowl of steamboat, without the hefty price.

Price starts from SGD9.90 per pot, opens daily from 10.30am – 10pm, it has 9 outlets in City Square Mall, Orchard Central, Icon Village, Thomson Plaza, Chinatown Point, J-Cube, West Coast Plaza, Bedok Point, and Hougang 1.

16. The Magic of Chong Qing Hot Pot

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Despite its rather corny sounding name, The Magic of Chong Qing Hot Pot is the restaurant to go if you’re looking for comforting, hearty, and rich Chinese broths.

They offer seven different broths, and popular ones include Mala Broth, Faithful Chicken Broth (their specialty), and Shark Collagen Broth. Not enough selections for you? There are also three additional special broths (you have to order it one day in advance): Black Chicken Broth, Nutritious Herbal with Black Chicken Broth, Nutritious Herbal with Turtle Broth. Vegetarians are going to love that a vegetarian buffet option is available. In other words, everyone’s bound to find something you like here!

Prices go from SGD16 per pot, opens daily from 12pm – 3pm; 6pm – 11pm, 19 Tanglin Road,#04-06/07, Tanglin Shopping Centre, Singapore 247909.

17. San Laksa Steamboat Restaurant

Source: singaporebestfoods.com

Ah yes, laksa – one of Singapore’s most beloved local foods. Laksa aficionados are going to love to come together to share a hearty bowl(s) of laksa steamboat – just ask any of them!

With the usual condiments available for order like fishcake, various veggies, mushrooms, seafood, shabu shabu slices of meat, and noodles, you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for a steamboat with a spicy, coconut-y kick!

P.S. Not spicy enough for you? You can ask the servers to add on even more spice!

Prices unavailable online, opens daily from 11am – 2.30pm; 4.30pm – 11pm, 404 Telok Blangah Rd, Singapore 098840.

18. Hua Ting Steamboat

Source: hungrygowhere.com

Owned by Orchard Hotel, this is where you can expect up-market, Cantonese styled, double-boiled soups made from scratch every day.

You can choose from nine double-boiled soups as your steamboat soup base, including Chinese Yam Soup With Beancurd & Wild Mushroom, Shark’s Bone Cartilage Soup With Fresh Beancurd Soup, and Chinese Herbal Soup With Black Bone Chicken. The Superior Fish Soup With Winter Melon & Conpoy (pictured above) is their signature.

They have a unique way of cooking the melon. Instead of dicing it, the winter melon is carved and placed right atop the pot, so it can sweeten the broth even more; you can even flash cook your meats in the little hollow!

The staff will then assist you by cutting up the winter melon into edible chunks after the cooking process has finished.

Prices go from SGD26 per pot depending on the soup base, opens daily from 11.30am – 2.30pm; 5.30pm – 10.30pm, Mezzanine level #01-08, Claymore Connect, 442 Orchard Road, Singapore 238879.

19. Beauty in the Pot

Source: sgfoodonfoot.com

But of course we couldn’t possibly not mention Tsukada Nojo without mentioning its (possibly) biggest rival, Beauty in the Pot!

Also specialising in collagen (which is shark’s cartilage boiled for over eight hours) ‘beauty’ pots, this restaurant allows you to stay up till the wee hours of the morning (it opens till 3am!) Look forward to flavourful, dense soup that doesn’t feel too intense, be sure to slurp up that collagen goodness!

Prices go from SGD20 for a pot, and SGD25 for two, opening hours differs by outlet, it has two outlets in OneKM, and another at The Centrepoint.

20. Ladyboy Mookata

Source: sethlui.com

Popular for good reason, Ladyboy Mookata is not only known for providing happy customers with a scrumptious meal, but also for its fresh, robust, and generous portions of seafood (just take a look at the sheer size of their jumbo prawns! They’re also known for keeping up with food trends.

Constantly coming up with new, trendy flavours, they present interesting twists to classics like their Mentaiko Cheese Steamboat and Truffle Cheese Steamboat. If you prefer traditional flavours, you’ll be happy to know that their rich, sour-spicy Tom Yam is what keeps customers coming back for more!

Prices go from SGD29.90 per pax, opens daily from 6pm – 2am, 644 Geylang Rd, Singapore 389574.