9 best food caterers for Christmas parties that fit a wide range of budgets

Hosting a stellar holiday party can be a pretty stressful affair, especially when it comes to one of the most important aspects of any celebration: food.

This is even more prevalent during the Christmas season, with guests expecting an all-out Christmas feast, from turkey to roast ham to Christmas pudding. And with all the creative interpretations these days (yes, we’re talking about The Fullerton Hotel’s Nasi Lemak Turkey), the variety of options out there are simply staggering.

Feeling the heat even before the party has started? Don’t panic just yet.

Avenue One has (very helpfully) gathered 9 best food catering for Christmas parties that is guaranteed to make your celebration a raging success, and all at under SGD50 per pax. Nice!

1. Neo Garden


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Neo Garden is a classic (and great!) choice when it comes to catering in Singapore, with Christmas being no exception.

Pick between six different Christmas meal options, with five of the available options ranging from SGD18.99-SGD29.88 per pax. You can also expect a nice mix of Western and Asian Christmas favourites, such as honey glazed chicken ham and roasted turkey breast with traditional chestnut stuffing paired with seafood sin chow mee hoon and chilled honeydew sago. Yum!

Definitely opt for Neo Garden if you’re having a large party with guests of varying ages— they sheer variety alone is sure to please even those with the most discerning of palates.

Order Neo Garden’s Christmas menu here.



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One of the best food caterers to consider for Christmas parties is undoubtedly, MMMM, which stands for Meats, Marinades, and Much More. You can rest easy knowing that they have bundles available for parties of just about any size, from 4-6 people all the way to 15-22 people! They also have dedicated bundles for corporate bundles and professional events, so be sure to opt for that if there are people you’d like to impress.

Not a big eater, or having a super intimate gathering? Go for their a la carte items instead. They have wagyu beef mealoaf and roast iberico pork collar, which comes in a decent portion that doesn’t overwhelm.

However, note that MMMM only provides cooked food that is chilled, so you’ll need to heat up the food and set the table yourself.

Order MMMM’s Christmas menu here.

3. Orange Clove


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You wouldn’t expect establishments with stellar reputations such as Orange Clove to provide Christmas catering options for under SGD50 — but that’s where you’re wrong! With Christmas spread bundles beginning from as low as SGD20 per person, you’ll definitely be able to enjoy a great festive feast at a beyond affordable price.

Our pick? The Jubilant Soiree (SGD25/per pax), which features an Atlantic crab salad with candied tomatoes, a honey glazed chicken ham with tangy pineapple compote, as well as lemon meringue tartlets. Carbs, meats, and sweet treats? Sounds perfect to us!

Order Orange Clove’s Christmas menu here.

4. Four Seasons Catering


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No, it’s not the Four Seasons Hotel, though with the rave reviews they’ve been getting, you won’t be too far off the mark for mistaking the two! Regarded to be one of the best food caterers for Christmas parties, Four Seasons Catering has a extensive Christmas menu from SGD12.90 per person, though there is a minimum 45 person policy for several of them.

Try out their Asian Christmas menu if you’d like something a little more unique. The selection includes prawn paste chicken chops, yang chow fried rice, and even chilled almond jelly with longan! Talk about a classic Singapore Christmas meal, right?

Order Four Seasons Catering Christmas menu here.

5. Select Catering Services Pte Ltd


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Whether you prefer savoury or sweet, Select Catering has you covered when it comes to catering a great holiday feast. Their bundles range from SGD15 to SGD28 per person, though it should be noted that they do have a minimum person policy for each of them too. We recommend you go for them if you’re having a company-wide party, or corporate bashes that involve numerous large groups.

When it comes to specific bundles, well, the Yuletide Feast is proving to be a big hit. Packed chockful of tantalising delights such as grilled chicken with Mexican salsa and garlic butter rice with almond and parsley, your guests will be well beyond stuffed (and satisfied!) by the end of your bash.

Order Select Catering Services Pte Ltd’s Christmas menu here.

6. Morganfield’s


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Not into large Christmas gatherings? Or prefer a quiet dinner for two? Then Morganfield’s is the option for you. Specialising in great cuts of meat such as ribs and crackling pork roast, Morganfield’s also provides some delectable Christmas meal options.

Try out their full slab of cranberry ribs, or their Morgan’s Christmas Feast, which comes with Christmas hazelnut sticky bones, gammon ham, crackling pork roast, and more. This package serves about four people, making it perfect for intimate family dinners!

Order the Morganfield’s Christmas menu here.

7. Purple Sage


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A premium catering service that provides a Christmas menu below SGD50 per person? Yup, it’s fully possible over at Purple Sage! Offering three varied Christmas menus and even a separate cocktail menu, you’ll be able to get your Christmas fix effortlessly with their help.

Both Christmas Menu A and B are under SGD50, with both offerings coming in at SGD33 and SGD48 respectively. We’ve been hearing good things about their traditional cottage pie, so we recommend their Christmas Menu B if you’re looking to sink your teeth into some savoury (and amazingly baked!) delights.

Order the Purple Sage Christmas menu here.

8. Cold Storage


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Because you can’t go wrong with Cold Storage picks, right? Widely regarded to be a top pick when it comes to best food catering for Christmas parties in Singapore, we recommend trying out their Lavish Christmas Feast, which comes up to about SGD16.90 per pax if you have at least ten people coming for your party.

Believe it or not, there are even more affordable options such as the Supreme Christmas Feast and Hearty Christmas Feast, both of which costs SGD89.95 and serves 6-8 persons. All sets come with a diverse selection of meats and cold cuts that self-proclaimed ‘carnivores’ will adore!

Order the Cold Storage Christmas menu here.

9. Bakerzin


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One of Singapore’s best food caterers for Christmas parties? Bakerzin, of course. While they may be more well known for their delectable cakes and pies, did you know that Bakerzin also has a extensive Christmas menu that is guaranteed to knock your socks off?

They have three festive sets to choose from, with each set serving either 4-6, 6-8, or 8-10 people. Sounds like an ideal amount for small office parties, or gatherings between friends, right? We recommend the Festive Feast C, which is the most value for money at SGD22 per person. The dessert spread featuring Chocolat De Beau, Orange Cinnamon Capon and gingerbread cookies is more than enough reason to go for it, really.

Order the Bakerzin menu here.