21 best egg tarts in Singapore, including one that’s been around for more than 80 years

The best egg tarts in Singapore aren’t exactly easy to find. As one of the most popular dim sum dishes in Singapore, we have acquired a very discerning palate for it and nothing short of the highest quality ones will make the cut.

For the initiated, there are two types of egg tarts: the first is Hong Kong egg tart, and the second Portuguese egg tart. Hong Kong egg tarts have a smooth and evenly yellow custard filling, while Portuguese ones are partially caramelised and have puffed up, blackened areas.

Hong Kong egg tarts also come in two different varieties of crust: the cookie crust (曲奇皮), which is dense like a pumpkin pie crust, and the flaky crust (酥皮), which is layered and crumbly. On the other hand, Portuguese egg tarts have a large flakey crust and resemble the outer layers of a croissant.

To find the pastries that will bring you back to those days spent holidaying in Hong Kong and Macau, AVENUE ONE has curated 21 of the best egg tarts in Singapore that you need to check out:

(Note: This article was first published in 2019 and was updated in May 2021.)

1. Tong Heng Delicacies

Source: AromaCookery

This Cantonese confectionery in Chinatown has been selling egg tarts for 84 years, so there is little reason to doubt that their egg tarts are one of the best you can get in Singapore.

You just need to try one of their diamond-shaped egg tarts to know why they sell almost 4,000 of these daily: the soft and springy egg custard centered in a tasty biscuit melts smoothly in your mouth. The fact that it is priced reasonably at SGD1.90 per egg tart could also explain why it contains to be highly-raved about, even after almost a century.

Address: 285 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058833 |  1 Jurong West Central 2, Jurong Point Mall, B1-10, Singapore 648886
Opening Hours: 9AM to 9PM daily
More information: Facebook

2. Madeleine’s Original Portuguese Egg Tart

Source: OpenRice Singapore

For those who miss having those famous Portuguese egg tarts from Lord Stow’s Bakery in Macau, head to Madeleine’s in Tanjong Katong for your share of authentic custard tarts at just $0.80.

The Portugese egg tart from Madeleine’s is almost similar to a Crème brûlée, with a caramelized top burnt to perfection and a creamy centre you can’t get enough of. The sides are as flaky as a true Portuguese egg tart should have, and the crust crispy enough to have you wanting more of these tarts.

Address: 198 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 436997
Opening Hours: 7AM to 8PM daily
More information: WebsiteFacebook

3. Tai Chong Kok Confectionery

You may better know Tai Chong Kok as the go-to bakery for mooncakes, but did you know that they also sell some of the most popular egg tarts in Singapore?

The egg-custard of Tai Chong Kok’s egg tarts are very silky and slightly runny, which go very nicely with the soft, buttery pastry. Going at S$1.50 per diamond piece, these are egg tarts we are pretty sure you’ll buy back in boxes once you try one for yourself.

Address: Several outlets across the island, including Chinatown, Westgate, and Tampines Mall. See full list of outlets here.
Opening Hours: Opening hours differ from outlet to outlet
More information: WebsiteFacebook

4. Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries

Source: EatBook.sg

Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries is an old-school confectionery that makes egg tarts so delicious, they keep Singaporeans coming back for a taste of this again and again. The egg custard is a little less yellow than those you find from other shops, but no less delicious – in fact, you will love how silky, creamy and sweet these are!

Besides the traditional Hong Kong egg tarts, they also have Western-style egg tarts which come in a slightly harder shell, but are just as tasty. Both retail at S$1.30 per piece.

Address: Blk 18, Jln Membina, #01-06, Singapore 164018
Opening Hours: 7.30AM to 7.30PM (Mon-Fri), 8AM to 7.30PM (Sat and Sun)

5. Hong Kong Flaky Lotus

Craving for an afternoon snack on a dreary afternoon at work? You don’t necessarily have to head to the heartlands to find delightful egg tarts.

Hong Kong Flaky Lotus was founded by a Hong Kong immigrant family who dreams of bringing familiar Hong Kong staples and street favorites to Singapore. They have shops in both Tanjong Pagar and Alexandra Technopark, making it easier to satisfy your egg tart cravings in Singapore.

Their Hong Kong egg tarts are of the flaky crust variant, with a sweet and smooth egg custard filling in the middle. It’s S$1.30 for one tart – though we’re pretty sure you won’t be buying just one of these tarts!

Addresess: 438B Alexandra Road #01-11 Alexandra Technopark, Singapore 119968, Singapore
Opening Hours: 7AM to 7pm (Mon to Fri),7AM to 3.30PM (Sat), closed on Sunday
More information: Facebook

6. Balmoral Bakery

Source: Rice Media

This unassuming HDB bakery has been around for more than four decades, and still remains a favourite of many loyal customers today.

While other bakeries and confectioneries serve egg tarts with more ‘solid’ egg custard fillings, Balmoral Bakery’s egg tarts have a more watery consistency that slides down your throat easily. You will also find that the tarts are taller than those from other stores – more delicious egg custard, anyone?

Address: 105 Clementi Street 12, Sunset Way, #01-06, Singapore 120105
Opening Hours: 9AM to 7.30PM daily
More information: WebsiteFacebook

7. Ng Kim Lee Confectionery

Source: HardwareZone Forums

For a trip back to the past, you have to visit this family-run confectionery in Bukit Timah. Ng Kim Lee dates back 55 years, and you can find traces of the good old days with its retro-tiled floor and antique cabinets.

Most importantly, its egg tarts have remained just as palatable as they did since decades ago. The Hong Kong egg tart is described as a semi-sweet egg custard encased in a buttery tart, some fans even claim that these will ‘send you right back when you were getting a treat from grandma’s latest batch’! If you are looking for the Portuguese variant, you can also find them at this bakery.

The egg tarts at Ng Kim Lee are often sold out early, so you have to be quick if you want to try out these tarts that go at them.

Address: 4 Chun Tin Rd, Singapore 599591
Opening Hours: 9AM to 9.30PM (Mon to Sat), 9.30AM to 1PM (Sun)

8. Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry

Source: Rice Media

For an interesting take on an otherwise normal egg tart, Tiong Bahru Galicier Pastry’s offerings will certainly satisfy. Its Hong Kong egg tarts have a crumbly but moist texture, which encases its gelatinous yellow filling.

At just SGD0.90 per tart, we can definitely see why it is difficult to resist coming back for more of this comforting treat.

Address: Blk 55 Tiong Bahru Rd, #01-39, Singapore 160055
Opening Hours: 6.30AM to 8.30PM daily

9. Tai Cheong Bakery

Source: Daniel Food Diary

Those who have tried Tai Cheong’s egg tarts in Hong Kong would know – this is the real deal. This bakery’s egg tarts are said to be ranked number one by even the locals themselves.

If you prefer your Hong Kong egg tart with a cookie crust, you’ll definitely love these. In fact, Tai Cheong is the pioneer of cookie-crust egg tarts, so it’s little wonder that they do their crusts so well. Each egg tart comes with a fragrant butter crust, which tastes even more heavenly when you eat it with the light, smooth custard that melts easily in your mouth.

At SGD1.90 per tart, we think it’s a small price to pay for a slice of authentic Hong Kong goodness.

Address: Several outlets across the island, including Holland Village, Takashimaya, and Raffles City. See full list of locations here.
Opening Hours: May differ from outlet to outlet
More information: WebsiteFacebook

10. Canton Paradise

The next time you have a family dinner at this Cantonese restaurant, remember to order a plate of their signature egg tarts, priced at S$4.20 for a plate of three. The velvety custard with soft, flaky crust makes for an amazing combination that you’ll never forget.

The only problem? If you have a family of four, you may end up fighting tooth and nail over who gets to enjoy this mouth-watering pastry! Definitely one of the front runners if you’re looking for the best egg tarts in Singapore.

Address: Click here for the full list of outlets.
Opening Hours: Differ from outlet to outlet
More information: WebsiteFacebook, Instagram

11. BOCA [Permanently Closed]

Source: Burpple

Portuguese egg tarts were brought to Macau by the Portuguese, so it is little wonder that one of the best egg tarts you can find in Singapore is from none other than a Portuguese restaurant.

However, this Authentic Portuguese Tart is much rarer than you expect – the chefs at BOCA only produce 20 pieces of these egg tarts per day, so you have to make a reservation for this! At SGD4.50, it is pricier than the other ones featured in this article, but as all those who have tried this can testify, this Portuguese egg tart is certainly worth every cent.

A creamy egg custard is baked in a flaky puff pastry, then finished off in the broiler for the signature subtly-charred surface. The finishing touch — cinnamon powder and icing sugar dusted on the tart is what truly distinguishes this from the crowd, making it among the best egg tarts in Singapore.

Address: 8 Ann Siang Hill, Singapore 069788
Opening Hours: 12PM to 12AM daily

12. 8 Tarts n Pastries [Permanently closed]

Note: While its store is permanently closed for now, the brand is considering turning itself into a home-baking business. Email them for more info: [email protected]

Source: sgliulian.com

This halal bakery traces its roots back to Hong Kong, and has opened a few outlets island-wide since it first opened shop in Jurong, because its egg tarts are just so well-loved by customers.

All the egg tarts are made without lard, therefore they do not have the lardy oily taste that some egg tarts have. Those who do not like their pastries to be overly sweet will also love how smooth and light this version is.

These egg tarts go at SGD1.50 per piece.

Opening Hours: 10AM to 10PM daily
More information: Facebook

13. Da Sheng Hong Kong Pastry [Permanently Closed]

Source: Burpple

If someone tells you that you shouldn’t be eating egg tarts so often due to health reasons, you can introduce him or her to Da Sheng Hong Kong Pastry.

Since 2002, this long-standing pastry franchise focuses on dishing out authentic, traditional Asian pastries made with less sugar, fat, and cholesterol. At just SGD1.70, you can afford to eat this egg tart more often – both from your wallet and your diet’s perspective.

Address: 36 Sago St, Singapore 059027
Opening Hours:
10AM to 6PM daily
More information:

14. Pak Kung Cafe and Bakery (Legendary Hong Kong)

Source: Miss Tam Chiak

Pak Kung Cafe and Bakery uses specially-imported ingredients from Hong Kong to craft one of the most authentic Hong Kong egg tarts you can find on our shores. The crust is crumbly without being too soft, and the egg custard is sweet and smooth.

Three of these small tarts go for S$5, but if you want something truly satisfying for yourself, you can opt for the big ones at S$1.80 each.

Address: 63 Jurong West Central 3, Provisional Unit #03-80, Jurong Point 2 Shopping Centre, Singapore 648331
Opening Hours:
11AM to 10PM (Mon to Fri), 10AM to 10PM (Sat, Sun and PH)
More information:

15. Honolulu Cafe

Source: Daniel Food Diary

The egg tarts from this famous Hong Kong cafe used to sell out within just two hours of opening – proof that this is one mean contender in the egg tart industry. The cafe has over 70 years of history under its belt, and its recipe is so popular that rumour has it that many other popular egg tart cafes had tried to replicate it for themselves.

What makes this egg tart unique is its dough that is frozen overnight and folded into 192 layers to achieve a crispy and flaky shell. The strong buttery fragrance is apparent, thanks to the fact that all the egg tarts are baked freshly everyday. For those interested in buying these, take note that the egg tarts cost SGD1.70 each.

Address: 176 Orchard Rd, The Centrepoint, #01-33 F/G, Singapore 238843 | 3 Gatewauy Drive, Westgate, #02-06 Singapore 608532
Opening Hours:
Different depending on outlet
More information:

16. Crystal Jade Kitchen

Source: Daniel Food Diary

Some online reviews stated that they are disappointed with the egg tarts sold at Crystal Jade My Bread, but the Crystal Jade restaurant seems to have a more delightful offering, in the form of these mini egg tarts.  

There is nothing better than satisfying your sweet tooth after a hearty meal, and these light pastries are easy to pop into your mouth. You’ll love how the sweet taste of these tarts isn’t too cloying.

A plate of three goes for SGD4.80 – but why stop at just three, right?

Address: Click here for the full list of outlets.
Opening Hours: Differs by outlet.
More information:

17. Dona Manis Cake Shop

Located in the basement of Katong Shopping Centre, Dona Manis Cake Shop has won the hearts of customers with its delectable pastries over the years. Most may know if for its banana pie, but this shop’s egg tarts are also not to be missed.

If you love an egg tart that’s smooth and easy on the palate, look no further than this old-school cake shop. The silky soft yellow custard is held together by a soft, buttery crust that crumbles with each bite.

Address: 865 Mountbatten Road, Katong Shopping Centre, B1-93, Singapore 437844
Opening Hours:
10.30AM to 5PM (Tue to Sat), Closed on Sun and Mon
More information:

18. Tim Ho Wan

You can never go wrong with egg tarts at Michelin-starred Tim Ho Wan, who proudly lauds itself as Hong Kong’s most famous dim sum.

The next time you pay a visit to the restaurant, aside from the famous Char Siew Buns, remember to order a plate of these bite-sized pastries. The sweet filling makes for the perfect dessert after you savour the oilier dishes like carrot cake. This plate of goodness costs S$5.50 for three. Yes, you can eat all three by yourself if you really want to – nobody’s judging.

Address: Click here for the full list of outlets.
Opening Hours:
Differs by outlet.
More information:

19. KFC

In comparison to the other shops on this list, KFC seems to be a surprising addition. After all, who would expect to eat traditional Cantonese pastries in a Western fast-food restaurant?

Before you dismiss this, let us explain. KFC actually got their recipe for Portuguese egg tarts from none other than Margaret Wong, the ex-wife of Andrew “Lord” Stow (yes, the famous Macau shop) and owner of Café e Nata. That could explain why the fast-food chain has actually produced Portuguese egg tarts that a lot of people cannot resist.

For S$3.20 (for two), you can get one of these egg tarts that taste almost like the ones in Macau, without actually flying there. A win-win situation? Definitely.

Address: Several outlets across the island. Find the nearest outlet to you here.
More information: Website

20. Joy Luck Teahouse

Founded by Singapore-born TV producer Robert Chua, who is familiar name in Hong Kong. The showbiz veteran ventured in the F&B industry later, bringing Michelin-starred brand Tim Ho Wan and Michelin-starred brand Kam’s Roast Goose to Singapore.

Joy Luck Teahouse is his vision of gathering the best of drinks and delicacies from Hong Kong to Singapore.

At the top of its menu is its egg tarts from Hoover Cake Shop, a heritage pastry bakery in Hong Kong. These egg tarts are made with Australian ingredients that are chosen carefully by the Master Chef-Owner, together with a special blend of fine butter, premium flour, and top quality eggs.

You can look forward to custard filling that’s smooth, creamy, and not too sweet.

Each of these multi-layered puff pastries are crafted by hand so that its crust tastes like croissant but crispier.

Address: Click here for the full list of outlets.
Opening Hours:
Differs by outlet.
More information:

21. So Good Bakery

Located right next to So Good Cha Chan Teng (also owned by them), this has been much raved about on social media as a hidden find for Hong Kong-style pastries.

Its egg tarts, in particular, are the reason why some people travel all the way to the industrial area where it is located at Midview City (note that there are other outlets).

The secret to its delicious egg tarts? Sheets of dough are folded to create 368 layers of crispy, flaky crust.

These egg tarts fly off the shelves quickly – usually gone after lunch. So make sure you visit earlier if you want to get your hands on them.

Address: 26 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #01-121B, Singapore 573971 | 111 Somerset Road, TripleOne Somerset, #01-07, Singapore 238164 | 100 Tras Street, 100AM, #01-10 and 14A, Singapore 079027
Opening Hours:
Differs by outlet.
More information: