11 underrated bubble tea flavours you don’t order but are damn good

The Bubble Tea trend, despite the Circuit Breaker, is still going strong in Singapore– and with good reason! Who can resist a nice and cold Bubble tea?

While we’ve (voluntarily) resigned ourselves to the permanent sugar high from milk tea and pearls, there have been countless verdicts on the most popular and best-selling bubble tea flavours. But did you know that there are some unique Bubble Tea flavors that are supposed to be on the spotlight? Like Cacao Berry!

So the next time you’re queuing up for BBT and racking your brains on just which flavour and sugar level you should opt for, try these 11 hidden gems!

1. Snow Strawberry Lulu by The Alley

The Alley's signature Snow Strawberry Lulu is a refreshing blend of real strawberries and peach oolong tea topped with a…

Posted by The Alley Singapore on Friday, September 27, 2019

A white layer of snow velvet cream cheese with a base of fresh strawberries and peach oolong tea – sounds right up your alley?

Bright in flavour and colour, this drink refreshes like no other with its fresh fruits. It’s very different from their signature Brown Sugar Deerioca drinks you always see on your Instagram feed, but it’s definitely the ideal thirst-quencher for the sweltering heat.

Snow Strawberry Lulu by The Alley retails at S$6.30 and is available at The Alley Singapore outlets.

2. Cacao Berry Milk Tea from Koi

Attention all dark chocolate fans!

Cacao Barry – Rich, decadent treat for all chocolate lovers!

Posted by KOI Thé Singapore on Thursday, July 25, 2019

Decadent dark chocolate consisting of 100% pure and unsweetened Cacao powder – in a bubble tea. Not your typical popular flavour from Koi, this drink is perfect for those who think bubble tea is far too sweet for their acquired palettes.

Tip: When ordering this drink, try not to opt for 100% sugar level as it’s meant to be enjoyed on the bitter side. Too much sugar, and you might just wind up feeling like you’ve ordered a more expensive version of Ice Milo.

Cacao Berry Milk Tea from Koi retails at S$4.20 for Medium size at all Koi Thé outlets.

3. Golden Yuzu Juice + Ai Yu Jelly from LiHo

Source: https://www.hungrygowhere.com/

This drink came highly recommended by a barista at one of the LiHo outlets when we were on our search for underrated bubble tea flavours! While it’s not a common drink people opt for, the combination of Yuzu juice and Ai Yu jelly is all things refreshing. The Ai Yu jelly provides sweetness to the mix which balances out the juice’s tangy sour taste.

This cold concoction immersed with ice is soothing, and revitalising – perfect for the scorching Singapore heat.

The Golden Yuzu Juice + Ai Yu Jelly retails at S$3.60 for Medium size at all LiHo outlets.

4. Milk Tea with Black Sesame Pearls by Playmade

Source: https://eatbook.sg/

The first store in Singapore to create freshly flavoured pearls, the plump and chewy little balls of goodness here at Playmade consist of a variety – such as their popular Pink Cactus, Burnt Caramel, and more.

Try their Black Sesame pearls with Milk Tea, to really indulge in the strong and nutty sesame flavour that goes perfectly, with the sweet and well-balanced classic milk tea. Chew on the pearls long enough and they’ll explode in a sensation of sinful sesame delight, leaving behind a flavour you can’t quite forget.

Milk Tea with Black Sesame Pearls by Playmade retails at S$3.70 for Medium size at all Playmade outlets.

5. Mango Cheezo by HEYTEA

Source: http://singaporeschild.com.sg/

When China’s most popular tea brand launched its first overseas shop in Singapore, bubble tea fans went wild. They are THE original creators of the iconic “cheese tea”, which has drawn seven-hour queues from around the world.

Leave their cult classic King Fone Cheezo aside and try their Mango Cheezo tea for big, fresh and sweet mangoes paired with jasmine green tea. It’s all about that strong natural fruit flavour with a refreshing and mellow feeling.

Cheese and mango smoothie – what a time to be alive.

Mango Cheezo retails at S$7.90 and is available at all HEYTEA outlets.

6. Brown Sugar Green Tea with Boba from Tiger Sugar

Source: https://www.eatandtravelwithus.com/

With everyone fawning over their best-selling Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse, you might have missed out on this hidden gem. The Brown Sugar Green Tea with Boba is especially great if you’re not a fan of the excessively sweet bubble tea variants that can occasionally be too jelak (rich).

The combination of their signature caramelised syrup with the bittersweet green tea taste makes for a perfectly balanced drink that’s not too sweet or cloying. You’ll definitely get the authentic tea taste from this pure drink without milk!

The Brown Sugar Green Tea with Bobba retails at S$3.90 and is available at all Tiger Sugar outlets.

7. Wintermelon Milk Tea from ShareTea

Can the combination of two classic favourites ever go wrong?

Source: https://danielfooddiary.com/

While their Taro Milk Tea and Okinawa Milk Tea are the oft-purchased options at ShareTea Singapore, the Wintermelon Milk Tea might not be an obvious choice for many. But amalgamated with the classic milk tea, you’ll get a more subtle taste to your bubble tea with a vivid taste of sweetness to it.

Known for countering the summer heat and humidity, you probably won’t want to share it.

The Wintermelon Milk Tea retails at S$3.20 and is available at all ShareTea outlets.

8. Strawberry Boba Milk by Xing Fu Tang

Source: https://www.businessinsider.sg/

A recent contender in the world of bubble tea businesses, Xing Fu Tang opened its store in Singapore earlier this year in July. Their signature Brown Sugar Boba Milk and Mango Smoothie & Rabbit Panna Cotta are well-loved by many but for the adventurous, try the more underrated Strawberry Boba Milk Tea.

Think cold strawberry jam with chewy plump pearls – this drink has a thicker texture than your regular milk teas. Bonus points for the lovely strawberry bits floating around which are an added pop to their pink cactus pearls!

Strawberry Boba Milk retails at S$5.90 and is available at all Xing Fu Tang outlets.

9. Cassia Black Tea with Mousse from CHICHA San Chen

Source: https://www.burpple.com/sg

Taiwan’s famous bubble tea chain offers their freshly-brewed tea drinks here and amongst the blur of their popular drinks is the sweet and aromatic Cassia Black Tea with Mousse. This drink has slightly bitter undertones but the foamy mousse balances it out with its airy texture and taste resembling the sweet and salt of burnt caramel.

It’s ideal for anyone who seeks the balance in life – starting with the boba tea world.

Cassia Black Tea with Mousse retails at S$4.70 and is available at all CHICHA Sen outlets.

10. Cocoa Rock Salt Macchiato from Hollin

Source: https://www.hollingroup.com/

On Hollin’s menu, you’ll find a thumbs up sign beside a few drink options but don’t turn away when you don’t see one beside the Cocoa Rock Salt Macchiato.

Perfect for chocoholics and bobaholics alike, this drink is laced with malty swirls of chocolatey goodness to dose away any cocoa cravings you might have. For the real chocolate-lovers, pair it with their cocoa pearls for the ultimate decadent cocoa-fix!

Cocoa Rock Salt Macchiato retails at S$4.90 and is available at all Hollin outlets.

11. Red Dragonfruit Jasmine from HiTea

Source: https://www.hiteabeverages.sg/

Healthy and bubble tea in the same sentence? This might be the closest you’ll get! The Red Dragon Fruit Jasmine tea consists of a luscious and tangy flavor – we’re talking fresh dragon fruit combined with cold-brewed jasmine tea. It’s wonderfully pleasing for your taste buds and offers the much-needed benefit of fresh fruit!

Red Dragonfruit Jasmine retails at S$5.20 and is available at all HiTea outlets.

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