16 best bakeries in Singapore to buy bread and pastries that aren’t Breadtalk

Some would say that a classic Singaporean breakfast constitutes of kaya toast, two half boiled eggs, and a freshly brewed cup of Kopi C… sure, if you have the time and money, that is! For most of us harried morning commuters, bread and pastries from our favourite bakery is about as much as we can manage, especially at seven in the morning.

If the long, snaking lines at Breadtalk is putting you off, though, fret not: Avenue One has found 16 of the best bakeries in Singapore where you can get your carb fix instead. (We’ve listed them from the most affordable to the most splurge-worthy!)

1. Four Leaves


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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, we’re sure you’ve seen Four Leaves somewhere in Singapore. With numerous outlets conveniently located all over the island, Four Leaves is also known by other notable brand names, such as: St Leaven, Epid’Or, Yamazaki, and Country Brot. Rest assured, though— the quality of their breads and pastries stay consistent throughout. Expect classic favourites, such as Belgian Waffles and Red Bean Buns as well as interesting inventions such as a Potato Bacon Bun.

Address: For a full list of their outlets, click here.

Price range: From SGD0.80 for a mini pastry.

2. Duke Bakery



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Combining quality European ingredients with bread-making techniques from Japan and Taiwan, Duke Bakery gives you the best of the East and the West when it comes to their breads and pastries. With an immense variety of over 60 different types of delicious breads, it’s no wonder that they are considered one of the best bakeries in Singapore! Try out their signature Chocolate Buns as well as their Japanese Blueberry Scones!

Address: For a full list of their outlets, click here.

Price range: From SGD1.50 for a pastry.

3. Swee Heng 1989 Classic



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One of the few halal bakeries in Singapore, Swee Heng 1989 Classic certainly specialises in local flavours. Think breads and pastries containing Otak, Durian, and Chilli Crab!

Address: For a full list of their outlets, click here.

Price range: From SGD1.60 for a pastry.

4. Chateraise



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Breads and pastries that are almost too cute to eat? Yup, that’s definitely what you’re going to get from Chateraise! This Japanese bakery is all about artfully made, creative innovations that definitely belong on your Instagram feed. We’re talking Chestnut Paste Buns, Creme Brulee inspired rolls, and Baked Matcha Cheese Tarts.

Address: For a full list of their outlets, click here.

Price range: From SGD1.90 for a pastry.

5. Swissbake



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Premium quality European breads, pastries, and confectionery is what sets Swissbake apart from other bakeries, making it a definite candidate for one of the best bakeries in Singapore. If you’re looking for some variety — or more filling fare — they have salads, quiches, and pies as well!

Address: For a full list of their outlets, click here.

Price range: From SGD1.90 for a pastry.

6. Cedele


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With the ethos ‘eat well, be well,’ Cedele is the place to go if you’re looking for wholesome and nutritious breads and pastries. Committed to using the freshest ingredients and not any artificial, processed foods whatsoever, Cedele serves up classic favourites such as scones, quiches, as well as a range of artisan breads. Yup, we’re talking the best Sourdoughs, Baguettes, and Bloomers!

Address: For a full list of their outlets, click here.

Price range: From SGD2 for a pastry.

7. Baker & Cook



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The brain child of well-known baker Dean Brettschneider, Baker & Cook has a staggering variety of breads and pastries to pick from. From American style bagels to Turkish Pide, trust us when we say that even those with the most discerning of palates will be pleased with the selection here.

Address: For a full list of their outlets, click here.

Price range: From SGD2.35 for a bagel.

8. Tiong Bahru Bakery



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There’s no doubt that Tiong Bahru Bakery still remains to be one of the best bakeries in Singapore. With its humble beginnings as a small bakery space in the Tiong Bahru neighbourhood, the brand has now expanded to include multiple outlets, with the Raffles City one serving up full fledged meals with pancakes and burgers! Our pick? Well, you can’t go wrong with their Original Kouign Amann, or their Pain Au Chocolat.

Address: For a full list of their outlets, click here.

Price range: From SGD2.50 for a croissant.

9. Bread & Hearth



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Apparently, you can’t wander down Keong Saik Road without smelling the aroma of freshly baked bread wafting down the street, thanks to Bread & Hearth. With a wide selection of freshly baked breads and pastries every morning, there’s no doubt as to why Bread & Hearth is considered one of the best bakeries in Singapore. The fact that there is no GST or service charge is just the cherry on top!

Address: For a full list of their outlets, click here.

Price range: From SGD2.80 for a pain au chocolat.

10. Paul



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Known to be one of the biggest bakery franchises in France, Paul is a big hit on our sunny shores as well, earning them a spot on our best bakeries in Singapore list. Their breads are divine, of course, but if you’re feeling up for something a little fancier, try out their Palmiers (a buttery biscuit) or their Chausson Aux Pommes (apple turnovers)!

Address: For a full list of their outlets, click here.

Price range: From SGD2.80 for a croissant.

11. The Bread Table



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The Bread Table is all about that carb life. With traditional bread making techniques, natural fermentation processes, and their diverse range of loaves and breads available, it is clear to see that The Bread Table is serious about their breads and pastries. Grab yourself a sandwich with the full works if you have the time to spare!

Address: 1010 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534748

Price range: From SGD2.80 for a croissant.

12. Maison Eric Kayser



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Known as a contemporary artisanal bakery with delectable French classics and exotic creations, it’s no surprise that Maison Eric Kayser is on our list of best bakeries in Singapore! The diverse range of breads makes it the place to be if you’re looking to try something new— think Ekmek, Viennois, and Monge loaves.

Address: For a full list of their outlets, click here.

Price range: From SGD3 for a croissant.

13. Artisan Boulangerie Co.



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You can’t have a ‘best bakeries in Singapore’ list without including Artisan Boulangerie Co — affectionately known as ABC Bakery by us locals. They opened their flagship store in 2013 selling breads, pastries, and morning treats, with their popularity steadily growing into what it is today. With multiple outlets island wide, Artisan Boulangerie Co. sells classic breakfast fare with a twist: we’re talking about Banana And Manuka Honey Muffins, and even Truffled Chicken Pies!

Address: For a full list of their outlets, click here.

Price range: From SGD3.20 for a croissant.

14. Carpenter And Cook



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Helmed by co-owner and chef, Shenn (who, incidentally, is a graduate from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu) you can expect to find intricately made breads and pastries from Carpenter And Cook. Everything is hand made, of course, even their range of packaged jams! Grab a seat and enjoy your breakfast, if you have the time to spare— the beautiful interior and vintage finds are worth it.

Address: 19 Lorong Kilat, #01-06, Singapore 598120

Price range: From SGD3.20 for a croissant.

15. Mother Dough Bakery

Trust us when we say that this halal artisanal bakery is the next big thing when it comes to bread and pastries. From classic almond croissants to delectable toasted cakes and loaves, the rich, intricate flavours of Mother Dough Bakery will make you’ll feel transported to the streets of Brooklyn, New York— where head baker Naadhira perfected her craft. Everything is made fresh in the mornings, so make sure to go early if you don’t want to be faced with an empty case!

Address: 749 North Bridge Rd, Singapore #01-01, Singapore 198717

Price range: From SGD4 for an almond croissant.

16. Chef Icon Nature Bakery



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Simple, natural foods with an exquisite taste is exactly what Chef Nature Icon Bakery promises to deliver on. Don’t let their deceptively simple fare fool you, though—they receive rave reviews on everything, from their handmade kaya spreads to their Butter Austrian Croissants.

Address: For a full list of their outlets, click here.

Price range: From SGD4.80 for a butter Austrian croissant.