Ben & Jerry’s most over-the-top range of ice cream is launched and we tried it to see how outrageous it is

We’re no stranger to the indulgent flavours that Ben & Jerry’s is known for; we savour the richness of Chocolate Fudge Brownie and delight in the chunky bits of the Chunky Monkey. But the new range of ice cream launched by Ben & Jerry’s, called Topped, had just been dubbed its most over-the-top range yet.

There are two flavours in this range: Topped Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough and Salted Caramel Brownie. The highlight of the Topped range is a luscious, soft, and spoonable layer of chocolate ganache that greets you as you remove the lid off the pint – something you don’t get in older Ben & Jerry’s flavours. Chunks of chocolate ampersands and are peppered on top the ganache, which are certainly the cherry on top – no pun intended.

Ben & Jerry’s Topped ice cream review

topped chocolate caramel cookie dough

We know Ben & Jerry’s make many delectable ice cream filled with cookie dough. The Topped Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough is another one to add to that list. Loaded with gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolatey chunks, each pint is filled with rich chocolate ice cream.

The ultra-sweet and outrageously decadent flavour is further sweetened by the caramel swirls in the ice cream and topped by chocolate ganache.

topped chocolate tower

I felt that it was too over-the-top for my liking but for my husband who has a sweet tooth, this can’t get any better. If you also have a sweet tooth or are a huge chocolate fan, the Ben & Jerry’s Topped Chocolate Caramel Cookie Dough is probably right up your alley

topped salted caramel brownie

What won my heart, however, is the Topped Salted Caramel Brownie. This comes with smooth vanilla ice cream, salted caramel swirls, fudgy chocolate brownie pieces, and gobs of chocolatey chunks. Of course, it is also topped with a thick layer of chocolate ganache.

topped salted caramel tower

The saltiness from the salted caramel helped balance out the flavours and cut through the sweetness of the rest of the ingredients. I found it easy to take scoops after scoops without it getting too cloying.

Oh, and you might be wondering how you should enjoy the Topped ice cream: Scrape off the top layer of ganache? Tunnel down to get to the ice cream first?

Well, the choice is certainly yours; Ben & Jerry’s doesn’t have a recommendation but wants you to personalise based on your preference.

Mine is to mix a bit of ganache with some ice cream, which will require a bit of skilful spoon manoeuvre but is oh-so-satisfying. And whichever way you choose, I suggest you eat directly from the pint for the best experience.

While Singapore only offers these two flavours now, there are five other flavours from the range available in other countries such as Tiramisu and PB Over The Top (peanut butter). And I can’t wait for more of these to be released here.

Ben & Jerry’s Topped will be available at supermarkets, convenience stores, and online retailers islandwide and retails at S$13.90 each. To celebrate the launch, they’ve also started the Sofa Sidekick Challenge, where fans will get to design the most outrageously creative Sofa Sidekick they can conjure up, using exclusive Ben & Jerry’s gif stickers on Instagram. Attractive prizes are to be won and you can get more info about this contest on their Facebook page.