bamboo bowls opened its third outlet: we review 6 healthy bowls to find out what’s the buzz

Healthy food bowl concept, bamboo bowls, has opened its third outlet at Plaza 8 @ CBP.

bamboo bowls plaza 8 review

If you have visited any of its older outlets at Far East Square or Ascent (Science Park), you’ll probably remember it for its unique tech-enabled contactless experience a and chef-curated food.

For the uninitiated, bamboo bowls’ team of consultant chefs include Damian D’Silva, Chef-Owner of Rempapa, and award-winning Bjorn Shen, Chef-Owner of Artichoke.

bamboo bowls is on a mission to make quick, chef-curated food accessible to all. It offers a variety of delicious and healthy Asian-inspired food bowls that are sugar-free, low on carb, gluten- and vegan-friendly, and served within five minutes.

bamboo bowls review: which is our favourite bowl?

bamboo bowls review

bamboo bowl’s menu consists of eight easily customisable bowls, each celebrating the unique flavours and culinary traditions of a city in Asia such as Tokyo, Bangkok, and Sichuan.

In conjunction with the new outlet’s opening, bamboo bowls also launched a new Taipei bowl, features­ bambob bowl’s braised plant-based mince over pearl brown rice, soy-marinated egg, balanced with bok choy in garlic sauce, pickled cucumber and a choice of umami braised pork belly for a meaty add-on.

The AVENUE ONE team picked out some of the most enticing items on the menu – including the new Taipei bowl! – so we can share with you what we thought about them.

bamboo bowls taipei

Taipei bowl: The braised pork belly in this bowl was certainly the highlight for us. Tender, fragrant but not cloying, its taste reminds us of the Taiwanese braised pork rice (Lu Rou Fan) but more hearty. The bowl is well-balanced with our options of a low-carb Spring Onion & Lime Cauliflower “Rice” and we love how satiating it was. 4 out of 5 stars.

bamboo bowls seoul

Seoul bowl: The housemade kimchi had just the right amount of spicy kick to it. We also liked how firm yet creamy the coconut & lime gochujang tofu was, and how the peanut-nori crumb added a lovely texture to it. Overall, it was a really flavourful meal that satisfied us! 5 out of 5 stars.

bamboo bowl sichuan

Sichuan bowl: The Sichuan bowl is a gastronomic delight. The chilled noodles served alongside the drunken chicken were a perfect match and was so moreish, you’d keep going at it. The chicken meat was tender and bursting with flavour, and the subtle yet well-balanced mala spiciness added a delightful touch to the dish we couldn’t get enough of. 4 out of 5 stars.

bamboo bowls bali

Bali bowl: This had an interesting mix of flavours and textures that were intriguing. While the sambal matah lacked the desired aroma and spiciness for our taste, the well-marinated tofu and fresh, well-cooked prawns added a savoury dimension to the dish that we really enjoyed. The grilled snake fruit added a nice crunch, although we wished it could be even more flavourful. Overall, it was tasty, filling, and a satisfying healthy meal we wouldn’t mind trying again. 3 out of 5 stars.

bamboo bowls tokyo

Tokyo bowl: This was a crowd-pleasing option that most of us had our eyes on and it didn’t disappoint. The pork belly was tasty and didn’t have an overbearing “porky” taste that some people may not like. Overall, it was a hearty meal that was enjoyable, which also felt light and healthy at the same time. 4 out of 5 stars.

bamboo bowls saigon

Saigon: The Vietnamese noodles had a refreshingly delicious taste that made the meal feel light. This, coupled with an array of colourful vegetables it came with, made it an ideal healthy meal that was also satisfying. We really enjoyed this dish for its vibrant and appetising appearance, as well as the nutritional values it came with; it certainly made it easier to load up on your greens! 5 out of 5 stars.

What to expect at bamboo bowl Plaza 8 @ CBP

Now that you have an idea what to order, consider popping by its newest outlet at CBP.

The new 110sqm outlet boasts a sleek, minimalistic interior and a seamless, contactless experience that is similar to its two older outlets.

bamboo bowl plaza 8

Customise and order for your preferred bamboo bowl through its app. A notification is sent to your phone when your order is ready – usually under five minutes. Then, proceed to collect your food with an easy tap on the app to activate a futuristic-looking pod that rotates to reveal your ready-to-eat bowl.

All base bowls are vegan or vegetarian and priced from S$10 onwards.

The new bamboo bowl outlet is located at 1 Changi Business Park Crescent, #01-11 Plaza 8, Singapore 486025. Find out more about bamboo bowl on its website.