Bakery 1946 Returns for a Limited-Time Pop-Up – Enjoy Daegu’s Delicious Bread While They’re Here!

Get ready to be smitten by the charm of Daegu, South Korea, without leaving Singapore. The iconic Bakery 1946 (also known as Suh Yeong Dang), famous for its viral K-Apple Bread, is back for a limited-time pop-up, bringing a taste of Korean baking traditions to Bugis Junction from 19 February to 10 March.

bakery 1946 popup

Beyond the Viral: A Bakery Paradise Awaits

bakery 1946 k apple bread
K-Apple Bread

While its Insta-famous K-Apple Bread (S$35.50 for a set of six) deserves its spotlight (think fluffy apple rice bread filled with creamy goodness), Bakery 1946 offers much more. This pop-up boasts an expanded collection of over 50 bread varieties, including 20 exciting new additions.

bakery 1946 carrot bread sweet potato bread
Left: Carrot Bread | Right: Sweet Potato Bread

Craving something sweet? Sink your teeth into the Carrot Bread (S$3.90), bursting with real Korean carrots and cream cheese, or the Sweet Potato Bread (S$5.20 each or S$15.60 for a set of three), a chewy delight bursting with flavour. Want something savoury? The Spicy Chives Japchae Croquette(S$4.90) and Pastry Hotteok (S$5.80) promise an adventure for your taste buds.

Many of them are shaped exactly like the ingredients they are made from, making them not just a feast for the palate but also the eyes.

Ingredients are shipped in directly from Korea and baked fresh in Singapore to ensure the best quality.

A Legacy Crafted with Local Love

bakery 1946 bread

Bakery 1946 isn’t just about trendy bakes. It’s a Daegu institution, established in 1946 and revitalised by passionate leaders like Billy Chung. The bakery prides itself on using local ingredients, giving each bite an authentic Daegu touch. The K-Apple Bread, for example, features apples from Daegu’s renowned orchards and the city’s signature Red Rice Yeast, known for its health benefits.

This pop-up isn’t just about satisfying your cravings; it’s about immersing yourself in the unique spirit of Daegu. Bakery 1946 aims to collaborate with travel and tourism agencies to introduce Singapore to the city’s vibrant culture and culinary scene. So, while you savor these delightful creations, imagine yourself strolling through Daegu’s charming streets, discovering hidden gems.

So, mark your calendars, foodies! Head to Bugis Junction Level 1 (beside InterContinental Hotel Bugis’ side entrance) between now and 10 March. Opening hours are 11am to 9pm. These baked goods are available while stocks last. Prices start from S$2.50 for the Green Onion Cream Cheese Pie.