This BBQ grill is compact and fume-free – perfect for stay-home dinners and suppers

As dine-in restrictions kick in once again, you’re probably racking your brain trying to come up with dishes you can cook for the family instead of always relying on food deliveries and takeaways.

But cooking at home has its limitations – sushi, for example, requires a number of tools and ingredients while our favourite (and possibly yours too) mookata and Korean BBQ aren’t exactly feasible for home enjoyment as you’ll need a physical grill…. until now.

nathome grill main

Meet the portable home BBQ grill from Nathome that will make all your mookata and Korean BBQ dreams come true.

Apart from its compact size (which is perfect for us living in small spaces), this grill is fume-free which means you won’t need to worry about triggering the fire alarm in your block or have your neighbours knocking on your doors to complain about lingering smoke!

nathome grill popcorn
Image Source: RED

We first caught sight of this home BBQ grill on RED (a.k.a. China’s Instagram) and what immediately drew us to the gizmo is its Nordic European-like design, which makes a beautiful centrepiece on any dining table and could easily pass off as one of SMEG’s chic minimalist home appliances.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the at-home grill is extremely compact – standing at a size of only 49cm x 36.95cm x 30.3cm (L x D x H), it is easy to carry around and also be kept in the kitchen cabinet when not in use.

How to use the BBQ grill

nathome grill power buttons

Unlike conventional BBQ grills that come with complicated instructions, this Nathome BBQ grill is quite easy and fuss-free to operate. It comes with two main knobs – one for adjusting the temperature of the grill and one for setting a timer. And just like that, you are good to go!

Four different functions

Apart from its aesthetically pleasing design, this home BBQ grill is equipped with four different functions that pretty much allow you to cook up anything under the sun.

1. Skewers grill

Whip up plates and plates of satay and seafood skewers just like those you’d find at BBQ restaurants with the skewer tray.

nathome grill skewers

2. Grill plate

Probably the most versatile function of them all, this netted grill plate allows you to roast all kinds of food, including meat, seafood, breakfast eggs and toast, vegetables, and many more.

nathome grill plate

nathome grill dishes 3

nathome grill dishes 1

You can even slice up some fruits and dry them on this portable stove.

nathome grill dishes 2

3. Roasting Cage

If you’re cooking bite-sized snacks, make use of the roasting cage that allows you to cook smaller food items a lot easier and quicker. You can even make some popcorn with it on movie nights!

nathome grill roasting cage

4. 360-degree roast

Roasting meat on this portable stove is possible too – and depending on your choice of protein, you have the option of using the netted grill plate (which requires manual flipping) or the large skewers to get an even 360-degree roast.

nathome grill roasting

Safety Features

BBQ grills are often associated with strong heat that poses serious danger if you aren’t careful enough but you need not worry about that with this home BBQ grill. It comes with safety features such as coated handles on the trays for you to remove your food from the compact stove safely.

nathome grill safety feature

The Nathome BBQ grill retails for S$675.48 and can be found on Lazada and Taobao.