Get a slice of heaven every time at these 11 artisanal pizza joints in Singapore

There’s regular fast-food pizza and then there’s artisanal pizza. For a lot of us Singaporean foodies, we love to eat them all but there’s no denying that we love our handmade, artisanal pizzas quite a bit more. We literally cannot help our love for pizza though – it’s scientific. We’re all drawn to fatty, sweet, and rich foods by nature, and pizza is replete with rich cheese and sweet sauce.

What we differ on is the type of pizza we like. Some of us like the crust thin and crisp, while the rest likes it hearty and chewy. Olives and anchovies may be the way to go for some, but for others, pepperoni is their jam. Thankfully, we now have no lack of boutique pizza options here in Singapore, with artisanal joints serving up gorgeous handcrafted pies that are totally drool-worthy and worth every last calorie.

Ahead, AVENUE ONE has found 10 for you to check out whether you want to dine in or get the pizzas delivered right to your doorstep. Crust us, you’ll not stop at the first!

1. Blue Label Pizza and Wine

Almost everyone who’s been to Blue Label loves two things about it: the wonderful slow-ferment artisanal pizza bases, and the nostalgic ’70s and ’80s playlist that’s a total mood.

Their acclaimed pizzas are all really good, stone-fired for extra authenticity. If you asked us to pick just one though, our personal favourite is the J-dog, a real classic with crowd-pleasing toppings of hearty pork sausage, bacon, pepperoni, and jalapeno over a sweet red sauce.

Blue Label’s two outlets are located at 333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery, #03-02, Singapore 238897 and 28 Ann Siang Road, Basement 1, Singapore 069708. You can also SMS for takeaway orders at 9785 7799 (Mandarin Gallery) and 9821 9362 (Ann Siang). Click here for reservation details.

2. Peperoni Pizzeria

Peperoni Pizzeria first made a name for itself back in 2004 for its hearty, wood-fired XXL 21-inch artisanal pizzas. This well-established joint has now expanded to multiple locations – all the better so that we can enjoy the gigantic goodness from all over our island!

As with all pizzas, everything looks absolutely amazing on the menu – but if we had to pick, we highly recommend the Chicken Truffle. It has tender shredded chicken breast and sweet onion on a bed of baby spinach, dressed all over with fragrant black truffle that will appeal to almost everyone. Get it in XXL, of course, so there’s plenty for everyone to grab a slice or three.

Peperoni Pizzeria is located at nine locations around Singapore, including Suntec City, Botanic Gardens, and Biopolis. Click here for the full list of locations and to make table reservations. 

3. Chooby Pizza

If Napoli-style artisanal pizza bases are your (tomato) jam, Chooby’s 20-hour fermented sourdough pizzas will hit the sweet spot for you. Each pie is hand-stretched and baked to oh-so-crunchy perfection in a Roccbox oven at 400 degrees Celsius. The result? A pie that’s decorated with distinctive airy, charred pockets that their regular customers know and love.

Choose from classic flavours like Margherita or Pepperoni for a fail-proof fix. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, we say the Korean-inspired Pulled Pork Pizza topped with bulgogi and kimchi sounds positively daebak.

Chooby Pizza is located at 127 Owen Road, Singapore 218931. You can make your reservation here.

4. Happy Ending Pizza Parlour

As a mark of how delicious the handcrafted artisanal pizza crusts are at Happy Ending Pizza Parlour, there’re even special dips to entice you to finish every single last crust.

Not that you need much enticing, anyway. The dough is made from air-flown Italian flour and left to ferment and mature over 72 hours. What you’ll get is a supremely flavourful and chewy crust that you will not want to leave behind.

Do yourself a favour and try the flavours that are quite uniquely Singapore, like Be My Satay Date which features chargrilled chicken, creamy peanut base, and caramelised pineapple sauce that comes from the famous stall, Poh Kee Satay.

We also really dig Holy Crab! with its succulent crab meat and accompanying chilli crab crust dipping sauce – it’s like eating our favourite national dish in pizza form!

Happy Ending Pizza Parlour is located at 371 Beach Road, City Gate Mall, #01-35, Singapore 199597. You can place your orders online here.

5.  Small’s

There’s absolutely nothing small about the flavours that come out of Small’s. This tiny, hole-in-the-wall pizzeria is reminiscent of Tokyo’s most exclusive secret dining spots. Literally the size of a broom cupboard, the space seats four in a squeeze, and chef Bjorn Shen serves up his most whimsical pizza creations, omakase-style.

An example of a menu you could get include pizza bread made from dough that’s been resting for five days, served neat for you to savour before you get a cacophony of pizza ingredients that run the gamut of burrata cheese to caviar. Some other menu items also include pizza banh mi, pizza vongole or what’s enigmatically known as Unicorn pizza (we peeped and it involves fresh uni).

Intrigued yet? Bookings for an out-of-this-world 10-course menu at Small’s open at the start of each month and are always booked out in minutes, so mark your calendars and get your fingers ready when the booking slot opens!

<Small’s is located at 115 King George’s Avenue, #02-02, Singapore 208561. Bookings can be made here.

6. P is for Pizza

Y is for yum for the delectable artisanal pizzas from P is for Pizza, which is a super-exclusive establishment and is only accessible if you slide into their DMs on Insta for a booking.

We promise it’s worth your while though – here’s why: pizzas made from dough that’s been slow-fermented for three days and a slew of deliciously fresh seasonal ingredients, lovingly baked in a firewood oven at 450 degrees Celsius for that perfect hint of smokiness.

P is for Pizza updates its offerings regularly but as a teaser of what’s been available before, think a whole lobster and scallops atop succulent squid ink pie, as well as a dumpling stuffed-crust creation topped with silken tofu and chilli.

DM P is for Pizza on Instagram to make a reservation. Alternatively, click here to make an online order for takeaway or delivery.

7. 4 a.m. Pizza

Pizzas on the beach are a whole different thing – imagine biting into a piping hot pie, sipping on ice-cold cocktails or beer, and enjoying the salty sea breeze and the glorious feeling of sand between your toes.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of such, you’ll want to head on down to the newest pizza stop on Siloso Beach when it finally opens its doors later this year. Not only are the offerings Insta-worthy, but the eclectic flavours will also surely give your taste buds a real party.

We’ve seen a wide assortment of exciting toppings like kaya butter, crab curry, cumin koochye, and grape yuzu ricotta so far and we’re willing to bet our bottom dollar that there’s lots more in the pipeline.

We’ll keep you posted when the joint’s finally open to the public so watch this space closely!

8. Bella Pizza

In spite of the signature Neapolitan thin crust, the artisanal pizzas from Bella Pizza (named aptly in our opinion) are beautiful, handcrafted works of art that will leave a deep impression. The chefs at the restaurant have been hand-making these beauties for more than a decade now, so you can be sure of the quality in every oozy, juicy bite.

Their sure-fire classic is the Pizza Bella Pizza, a white-based thin-crusted beauty topped with tasty mozzarella, ricotta, salami, and spinach. You could even have a go at a Sicilian boat pizza or a calzone (that’s a stuffed pizza!) if you feel like switching things up.

Bella Pizza is located at Riverside View, 30 Robertson Quay, #01-14, Singapore 238251, and is closed every Tuesday. Click here to make an online reservation or call 6734 0139. Check out the website for more details.

9. Publico Ristorante

Calling itself a gourmet playground, you’d expect to find a playful selection of dishes of the highest quality at Publico Ristorante. With its selection of mouth-watering gourmet pizzas, you’ll not be disappointed for sure. Publico Ristorante’s artisanal pizzas come with an addictively chewy bite, marking them as that rare breed of pizza that’s so hearty and yet so light.

The star of the show has to be the Tartufata pizza, an umami bonanza of mozzarella, porcini mushroom, smoked scamorza cheese, and fragrant truffle. Also, try the Burrata pizza  – it’s replete with fresh burrata cheese and the sweetest sundried tomatoes that’ll take you right to the sun-soaked fields in the South of Italy.

Publico Ristorante is located at 1 Nanson Road, InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay, Singapore 238909. Click here to make an online reservation or check out the website for more booking details.

10. Amò

Amò prides itself on using mother dough starter, cultivated by no one other than themselves in their kitchen. And the proof is truly in the pudding – or in this case, pizza. The sourdough pizza bases are handmade using natural leaven, semolina and olive oil, and are baked rustically in a wood-fired oven, resulting in a crust that’s light and fluffy with plenty of crisp air pockets.

Watch the chefs make the pizzas from scratch – all that kneading, stretching and sprinkling is practically an art form in themselves. And seeing those pillowy pies of goodness emerge from the wood ovens, replete with rich cheese and juicy toppings? Priceless.

Amò is located at 33 Hong Kong Street Singapore 059672. Click here to make an online reservation or check out the website for delivery details and options.

11. Proper Slice

artisanal pizza joints singapore proper slice bygb

From the team who brought us Lucali BYGB and its iconic 18” pizza pie comes Proper Slice, a new grab-and-go concept reminiscent of traditional New York-style pizza joints.

Dedicated to creating a “proper slice” of pizza, expect the same oversized pie hand-formed and served piping hot from the oven – only now it’s in even larger slices, a crispier crust, and unique toppings. You also won’t want to miss out on the crowd-favourite Garlic Knots and Meatballs.

If you want something heartier, you won’t go wrong with Proper Slice’s ultra-savoury Stromboli made with the best ham slices and cheeses.

Bonus: you’ll also love the outdoor standing table concept, which we guarantee will remind you of the days spent savouring the best street food in Hong Kong or Melbourne.

Proper Slice is located at 110 Amoy Street, #01-02, Singapore 069930. You’ll find the obscure entrance off Gemmill Lane. Opens from 12pm to 12am from Mondays to Saturdays (closed on Sundays).