You can now enjoy Andes by Astons ready-to-eat meals at just S$6.50 each

When you’re craving Western food, you’d probably think of satisfying that craving at restaurants like Andes by Astons. It’s affordable, and it’s delicious.

But of course, there are times where we may be way too lazy to head out of the house, so wouldn’t it be great if we could somehow have these meals whenever and wherever we want them without incurring delivery fees?

Well, now you can!

7-Eleven has teamed up with Andes by Astons to release a new range of ready-to-eat Western meals and they will be available at all 7-Eleven outlets. This means that Andes by Astons will be much closer to home and you won’t have to travel just to eat their meals.

Andes by Astons’ Ready-to-Eat Meals

Grilled Chicken with Cheese Pasta

The first up on the menu is the Grilled Chicken with Cheese Pasta. It features a tender grilled chicken fillet with conchiglie (pasta shells) drenched in Andes by Astons’ signature cheese sauce on the side.

Credit: 7-Eleven

This meal retails for S$6.50.

Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce

The next meal is an all-time favourite amongst many – the Grilled Chicken with Black Pepper Sauce. Gain some proteins with their succulent grilled chicken fillet topped with a tantalising black pepper sauce. Finish the meal off by indulging in their oven-roasted potatoes that will give you the carbohydrates you need.

Credit: 7-Eleven

This meal is available for S$6.50.

Fiery Chicken with Spaghetti

Here’s one for those who love spice. The Fiery Chicken with Spaghetti boasts a grilled chicken fillet with a tangy red bell pepper sauce that serves a spicy kick to the meal. To neutralise this spice, take a bite out of the al dente spaghetti on the side. It is lightly sauteed in olive oil, making it a good way to balance the meal.

Credit: 7-Eleven

This meal can be purchased for S$6.50.

Beef Meat Balls with Mushroom Sauce

Looking for something savoury without the heat in your mouth? Try out their Beef Meat Balls with Mushroom Sauce!

This meal is served with oven-baked beef meatballs drizzled with cranberry sauce for a slight sweetness, and creamy mashed potatoes drenched in mushroom sauce.

Credit: 7-Eleven

You can get this for S$6.50.

7-SELECT Exclusive Ready-to-Eat Meals

Other than the collaboration with Andes by Astons, 7-Eleven has also just launched its own exclusive range of ready-to-eat meals. These meals perfectly complement the ones offered by Andes by Astons, allowing you to have hearty meals at your convenience.

Creamy Chicken with Cheesy Rice

In need of some comfort food? Opt for the Creamy Chicken with Cheesy Rice meal! It comes with tender morsels of sous vide chicken breast, oven-roasted zucchini, and carrots. But that’s not all. To top it off, the dishes are covered in a creamy Italian herb and cheese sauce, with risotto-style Japonica rice mixed with parmesan cheese.

Credit: 7-Eleven

This meal is free from pork and lard, and can be purchased for S$4.80.

Truffle Potato Gratin with Chicken Ham

Many of us love the smell and taste of truffle, but it’s usually only served in restaurants. However, with 7-SELECT’s latest launch, you can enjoy Truffle Potato Gratin with Chicken Ham anywhere.

Credit: 7-Eleven

This dish is made of sliced potatoes, sauteed garlic, onions and chicken ham. These are all baked with a blend of different cheeses, including parmesan, mozzarella, and orange cheddar, giving the dish its decadent flavour. The meal is then elevated to the next level as the top of the potato gratin is lightly coated with truffle oil.

It’s so sinful, yet so good.

This dish is halal-certified and retails for S$3.90.

French Onion Soup

No Western meal is completed unless it comes with a bowl of soup. And not to worry, because 7-SELECT has got you covered.

The new range also includes a bowl of French Onion Soup, which is a flavourful beef broth boiled with caramelised onions and aromatic herbs.

Credit: 7-Eleven

This is available for S$2.90.

Mushroom Soup

A classic favourite, Mushroom Soup, is also offered in the new range. Take a sip of the thick and creamy soup and you’ll instantly be hit with the aromatic scent of mushrooms.

Credit: 7-Eleven

This can be purchased for S$2.90.

Italian Style Ham with Cheese Onigiri

If you don’t have the luxury of time to eat a full meal, grab the Italian Style Ham with Cheese Onigiri and munch on the go. It features a risotto-style rice ball made with Japonica rice enveloping chicken ham, sweetcorn kernels, and parmesan cheese. Every mouthful will keep you wanting more.

Credit: 7-Eleven

This is available for just S$2.

Garlic Prawn Butter Rice Onigiri

Fancy some seafood instead? Go for the Garlic Prawn Butter Rice Onigiri and indulge in the succulent and fragrant prawns sauteed with garlic. To balance the flavours out, the prawns are wrapped in butter pilaf Japonica rice.

Credit: 7-Eleven

This can be purchased for S$2.

Exclusive Promotions

Credit: 7-Eleven

From now until 7 December 2021, you can enjoy $0.50 off a bowl of 7-SELECT soup (French Onion/Mushroom) when you purchase any Andes by Astons ready-to-eat meal, the 7-SELECT Creamy Chicken with Cheesy Rice, or the 7-SELECT Truffle Potato Gratin with Chicken Ham.

Another exclusive promotion is that you can enjoy any two Onigiri for just $3.80 from now until 4 January 2022. Other than the 7-SELECT Italian Style Ham with Cheese Onigiri and the 7-SELECT Garlic Prawn Butter Rice Onigiri, you can also mix and match with other flavours available. These include the Tuna Mayo, Salmon Tartar, Grilled Salmon, and Chicken Teriyaki.

So head on down to your nearest 7-Eleven outlet to try the meals out now!