Your favourite cocktail can now be savoured as an ice cream in a “can”

Your favourite childhood dessert just got a whole lot more adult. The Ice Cream Bar in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has launched The Ice Cream Bartenders Series, introducing four alcohol-infused ice cream flavours that we’re really excited about. And as if that isn’t enough, these ice creams are presented in a can – super cool!

Photo: @lijhuin on Instagram

These canned delights were made in collaboration with popular bars in KL such as Colley, Junglebird, and Mizukami Collective.

Read on to see the four flavours you can look forward to.

Junglebird ice cream

Photo: on Instagram

The Junglebird ice cream features a generous amount of Diplomatic Mantuano rum and Campari liquor and is mixed with tangy pineapple lime sorbet for an invigorating drink. All the cans are then filled to the brim before being tightly sealed with a can lid.

Popcorn Daquiri ice cream

Photo: @satleenkaur on Instagram

Popcorn Daquiri begins with a batch of freshly popped popcorn that is soaked in fresh milk before being blended smoothly together. It is then churned with an entire bottle of Bacardi Carta Oro – yes, you read that right! For a sweet and salty kick, Popcorn Daquiri is topped with a layer of honey roasted almonds and salted caramel before being mixed together by hand.

Absinthe Frangelico ice cream

Photo: on Instagram

Probably the most decadent treat of the lot, Absinthe Frangelico is made with… you may have guessed it, Absinthe and Frangelico hazelnut liquor. Lightweights may not love this ice cream as Absinthe is known for its rich flavour and high alcoholic percentage. The ice cream is drizzled with roasted hazelnuts and a decadent dark chocolate hazelnut sauce before being vigorously mixed together.

Mapled Churchill ice cream

Photo: @satleenkaur on Instagram

Finally, you have got to try Mapled Churchill, a sinful creation made from Jim Beam whisky and vermouth. To give it the multi-dimensional flavour that it has, The Ice Cream Bar’s homemade honeycomb and lime custard sauce are also added.