Enjoy Edible Art Made From Fresh Ingredients at the New Omakase Experience at Akira Back

Akira Back Singapore offers a unique and artistic dining experience that blends modern Japanese cuisine with Korean accents and global influences.

Led by the newly appointed Chef de Cuisine Bill Hong, the award-winning restaurant boasts a menu brimming with fresh, seasonal ingredients and innovative dishes.

chef akira back
Chef Akira Back

AVENUE ONE visited Akira Back to try its recently launched Omakase Dinner experience so you’d know what you can look forward to when you visit.


The restaurant exudes a sophisticated yet playful atmosphere. Expect sleek interiors, dimmed lighting, and a vibrant energy that sets the stage for an unforgettable culinary journey.

Omakase Dinner Experience

akira back omakase dinner

The Omakase dinner experience is a meticulously curated five-course menu showcases the chef’s creativity and mastery, drawing inspiration from fresh produce and Korean influences.

Umami Hokkaido Uni
Umami Hokkaido Uni

The culinary journey kicks off with the Umami Hokkaido Uni, a lavish sea urchin dish adorned with goma miso and complemented by the earthy tones of maitake mushroom. Presented within the sea urchin shell, the dish, crowned with gold leaves, arrives on a bed of dry ice, adding a theatrical flourish to the dining experience.

New Ab Sashimi
New Ab Sashimi

Following this sensory delight is the New Ab Sashimi, featuring kanpachi sashimi and ankimo (monkfish liver) delicately seasoned with tomato citrus and karasumi. The kanpachi sashimi impresses with its clean, delicate profile, harmoniously balanced by the citrusy notes.


The third course, Halibut, emerges as a standout, boasting buttery and mild flavours that dance harmoniously on the palate.

akira back shiso sorbet
Shiso Sorbet

Then, a palate-cleansing Shiso Sorbet preludes the final duo of courses.

akira back _Sanchoku_ Ribeye
“Sanchouku” Ribeye

For meat enthusiasts, the “Sanchoku” Ribeye awaits, accompanied by Cauliflower Miso Cream, Burdock Jam, and Myoga. The chewy and flavourful ribeye, when savoured with each seasoning separately, reveals a symphony of taste that enhances the premium meat.

akira back Lobster Claypot Rice
Lobster Claypot Rice

As an optional addition to the Omakase experience, the Lobster Claypot Rice, priced at S$65 per pot, captivates with its delectable blend of lobster, ikura, negi, and gingko nut. A comforting bowl of miso soup accompanies this culinary gem.

akira back Matcha Tart with Hazelnut Chantilly and Barley Ice Cream
Matcha Tart with Hazelnut Chantilly and Barley Ice Cream

Concluding this culinary odyssey is the Matcha Tart with Hazelnut Chantilly and Barley Ice Cream. This refreshing dessert impeccably concludes the feast, ensuring that every diner departs completely satisfied, having indulged in a symphony of flavours and culinary artistry.

The Omakase Dinner Experience is priced at S$148++ per person. Wine and Sake pairing is available at S$88++ per person and I really recommend going for it if you’re not driving because the drinks curated help elevate the experience significantly.

The Omakase Seasonal Menu is available for dinner daily.

New Additions to the A La Carte Menu

Besides the new omakase experience, Chef Bill Hong has also added six items across sharing plates and mains to Akira Back’s a la carte menu. Here are the highlights:

akira back nazo 9
Nazo 9
  • Nazo 9 (S$140), a signature “Mystery Box” that adds a touch of theatricality to your meal. Under a plume of dry ice, nine surprise cold and hot appetisers are revealed, each a delectable bite bursting with flavour.
  • Watermelon Carpaccio (S$25): This refreshing starter features thinly sliced watermelon topped with candied walnuts, feta cheese, and a touch of umami.
  • Sakana Usutsukuri (S$28): Experience the delicate flavors of fresh, kombu-cured white fish with a touch of momiji oroshi (grated daikon radish with chili pepper).
  • Crispy Octopus (S$36): Indulge in perfectly crisp Korean-style fried octopus served with a fluffy potato foam, salsa verde, and red chipotle sauce.
  • Kimchi Fried Rice (Seafood – S$30, Pork – S$28): Chef Bill Hong brings his expertise to this classic dish, offering two options: a seafood-packed version and a pork variation boasting a tender, sous vide-cooked protein.
  • Greenland Halibut (S$34): Savour the delicate sweetness of this pan-seared fish served with a simple yet flavorful soy beurre blanc sauce.

Akira Back is located at JW Marriott Singapore South Beach, Level B1M, 30 Beach Road, Singapore 189763. It is opened for lunch from 12pm to 2.30pm daily and for dinner from 6pm to 10.30pm daily. 

Call 6818 1914 or email [email protected] for reservations.