9 gorgeous log cakes for your loved ones this Christmas

Log cakes are an essential Christmas tradition, but tradition doesn’t dictate that your log cakes have to look dull and boring.

We share some of the prettiest log cakes available that will wow your guests, make for a beautiful gift this Christmas, and of course, look absolutely Instagram-worthy.

1. Yuletide Blossom Log Cake from Goodwood Park Hotel

Source: Goodwood Park Hotel

Log cakes with Santa Claus and reindeer decorations are lovely, but have you seen one that looks exactly like a Christmas bouquet? This new creation from Goodwood Park Hotel is adorned with hand-piped butter cream flowers on top of a strawberry chiffon sponge, coated by white chocolate mousse. It also contains yuzu-infused pear bits poached in red wine and a crunchy hazelnut Breton sablé (shortbread) base, making it a true delight for the senses.

You can order this at SGD82 (including GST) from Goodwood Park Hotel’s website.

2. Aged Fruit Cake Yuzu Frosting from Bakerzin

Source: Bakerzin

For a traditional offering, check out Bakerzin’s aged fruit cake. A true labour of love, this log cake is actually carefully aged for over a year in brandy and English tea together with the best candied peels, raisins and cherries. All your friends and family will enjoy the mix of sweetness and crunchiness from the generous serving of fruits and nuts in this beautiful dessert.

You can order this at SGD40.37 from Bakerzin’s website.

3. Flame Valentino Log Cake from Carlton Hotel

Source: Carlton Hotel

Log cakes usually come in colours such as white and brown, so this one from Carlton Hotel is sure to incite some excitement with its bright, festive colours. The red velvet sponge cake is layered with smooth cream cheese filling and sour cream, and covered in lemon zest frosting for a surprising burst of citrus flavour.

You can order this at SGD75 (including GST) from from Carlton Hotel’s website.

4. Coco from Pulse Patisserie

Source: Pulse Patisserie

Vegans (and of course non-vegans alike) will love this eggless log cake option from Pulse Patisserie. The beautiful decorations are enough proof, with elegant touches that make the cake look like a royal decree. However, Coco also promises to be more than just a pretty cake; it packs a combination of zesty homemade passionfruit, coconut caramel, and Cacao Barry’s ZÉPHYR chocolate in a vanilla sponge, which sounds as good as it looks.

You can order this at SGD50 (including GST) from from Pulse Patisserie’s website.

5. Gula Melaka Pandan Log Cake from Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

Gula melaka and pandan are ingredients that are commonly found in local desserts, and hence add a familiar twist to conventional chocolate log cakes. The natural, smokey sweetness of gula melaka, coupled with the fragrance of pandan leaves, is sure to leave you wanting more slices of this uniquely Southeast Asian treat.

You can order this at SGD40.90 (including GST) by calling 6340 5882 or emailing [email protected].

For more information, visit Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy’s website.

6. Pistachio Snowland from The Icing Room

Source: The Icing Room

It’s hard to resist a creamy cheesecake made with rich Hokkaido milk, especially one that is so cute. Rolled with pistachio paste and topped with sugar decorations and white chocolate shavings, this cake from The Icing Room is sure to be a hit with everyone in the family.

You can order this at SGD43.90 from The Icing Room stores in Jurong Point or nex@Serangoon.

7. Noël En Ivoire from Sofitel Singapore

Source: Sofitel

You might get a few curious stares and puzzled looks, but this round Noël En Ivoire will definitely be a conversation starter at your Christmas party. Covered in “powdery white snow”, Sofitel’s uniquely-shaped log cake is actually as surprising as its appearance: a tropical mix of coco Malibu mousse, banana crémeux and roasted pineapple confiture.

You can order this at SGD72 (1kg) from Sofitel Singapore’s website.

8. Taro Coconut Yule Log Cake from Crowne Plaza

Source: Crowne Plaza

Take your taro milk tea and coconut water cravings up a notch with this pretty purple log cake from Crowne Plaza. You can’t go wrong with the pairing of two popular Asian dessert ingredients in this delicious purple yam roll-up cake filled with coconut cream, much less so when it looks so aesthetically pleasing.

You can order this at SGD80.25 (including GST) from Crowne Plaza’s website.

9. ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Durian Christmas Log Cake from Goodwood Park Hotel

Source: Goodwood Park Hotel

Goodwood Park Hotel, famous for its durian pastries, is offering a premium adaptation of its classic Goodwood D24 Durian Christmas log cake. Generously filled with creamy ‘Mao Shan Wang’ durian within layers of vanilla sponge, this log cake is the ultimate indulgent treat for all durian lovers this Christmas.

You can order this at SGD75 (including GST) from Goodwood Park Hotel’s website.