67 Pall Mall is the latest exclusive wine club to hit town – here’s everything you need to know about it

If you’ve kept up to date with the news, you would probably know that the launch of 67 Pall Mall Singapore has been the talk of the town recently. And it’s certainly no surprise considering how beautiful and exclusive the place is.

Credit: 67 Pall Mall Singapore

Situated in the heart of Orchard Road in the 15,000 square feet penthouse of Shaw Centre spanning two floors, the London-born private members’ wine club by wine lovers, for wine lovers is the place to go to for fine wine, food, and an amazing ambience.

AVENUE ONE had the opportunity to pay the exclusive wine club a visit yesterday, and here’s sharing everything we know about it.

67 Pall Mall Singapore

To say that 67 Pall Mall Singapore has a huge collection of wines is an understatement. 67 Pall Mall Singapore is home to over 5,000 wines from 42 different countries, and 1,000 of them are available by-the-glass. In fact, 67 Pall Mall Singapore has the privilege of offering the biggest and most diverse wine list in Southeast Asia.

The wines are served in meticulously hand-blown Zalto glasses designed to bring out the best aromas and nuances in every wine, elevating the wine-drinking experience tenfold. Here, you get full access to the world’s finest and rarest wines at a much more affordable price. You’ll get to try various wines that will certainly excite, challenge, and captivate you.

The Main Club Room

On the first floor of the penthouse, you have the magnificent Main Club Room which boasts a six-metre floor-to-ceiling wine tower housing thousands of bottles of the Club’s collection of fine wines. Step foot in here and feel as if you’ve been transported to another world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. No matter where you sit in the Club Room, you’ll be able to enjoy a 270-degree view of the Orchard cityscape through the floor-length windows in this room.

Credit: 67 Pall Mall Singapore

We can already imagine kicking back in one of the cosy booth seats in the evening with a glass of wine as you take in the surroundings and enjoy the company of those around you.

Other than being able to sip on fine wine here, you can also get to indulge in some fine food that complements the wine. Led by Head Chef Alex Zhu, who previously had stints at Daniel Boulud’s DB Bistro and Les Amis group’s Les Amis, the all-day dining menu includes signature dishes from the London Club along with Asian-inspired dishes.

We had the pleasure of trying the pan-fried foie gras and veal sweetbread, served atop a homemade crumpet with pickled onions and poultry jus.

This was absolutely divine. Foie gras is definitely one of those things that you either like or dislike because of its rich and buttery taste. Even though we had a colleague who didn’t usually like foie gras, she enjoyed this dish a lot because the flavours of the veal sweetbread and the crumpet perfectly balanced out the richness of the foie gras. For once, she was able to enjoy foie gras just like the rest of us!

We also tried the Bang Bang Burrata which fuses the East and the West by drizzling burrata in a black vinegar dressing with Sichuan peppers and crushed peanuts. A few pieces of deep-fried youtiao (dough fritters) are served alongside.

Dipping the youtiao into the dressing and following it up with a mouthful of burrata was certainly a delight for the tastebuds. It was flavourful, yet light enough, making it a great appetiser.

Private dining rooms

If you’re looking to have a private party or host a corporate event, 67 Pall Mall Singapore also has a few private dining rooms that you can use.

Credit: 67 Pall Mall Singapore

These rooms are fitted with with modular walls, making it very easy to accommodate intimate events as well as larger-scale ones.

The rooms can host up to 120 people, and they are equipped with comprehensive AV systems to facilitate any type of function. These rooms also come with floor-length windows so that you can admire the liberating views of the Orchard cityscape.

The Whisky Bar

As you walk along the corridors and up the stairs to the 28th floor, you’ll notice that the walls are adorned with Shaw Foundation memorabilia which just emphasises the heritage of the building.

On the 28th floor, you’ll be met with the Whisky Bar, a slightly more intimate bar lounge where you can sip on spirits and engage in hushed private conversations with your partner, friends, or even your business clients.

Feel like you need a breath of fresh air? Simply head out to the rooftop terrace garden and take in the unblocked views of Singapore.

The Naughty Corner

Move inwards of the Whisky Bar and you’ll notice that there’s a hidden corner that is equally, if not more, private. Nestled within what used to be the penthouse’s bedroom on the 28th floor, the Naughty Corner is an intimate lounge area that seats up to 35 people. The walls are made with camphor burl wood, which is said to provide a natural calming scent that lowers heart rates. Here’s also where you can enjoy a cigar or two as you sip on a glass of fine whisky.

Credit: 67 Pall Mall Singapore

The Club’s collection of premium spirits are also put on display in this room, and you can have a full view of it as you enjoy the evening in here.

Credit: 67 Pall Mall Singapore

Membership pricing

After browsing through the photos of the amazing decor and wine collection, you’d probably be wondering about the membership fees required to join such a club. Here’s the full list of monthly fees you would need to pay based on your profile:

  • Singapore Resident: S$200
  • Asia: S$150
  • Under 35: S$150
  • Under 30: S$135
  • Wine Professional: S$100
  • Overseas: S$90
  • Joint Member (available to spouses or partners of all members): S$50
  • Founding Life Membership: S$200,000

In addition to the monthly fee, there will also be a joining fee of S$2,400 that applies. However, this joining fee will be waived for those under 30 and those who sign up for the Joint and Life Membership.

You can apply for a membership on the 67 Pall Mall website. However, due to the popularity of the club, do note that there is currently a waiting list to join as a member.

Overall thoughts

After having visited 67 Pall Mall Singapore, we can truly understand why there is so much talk surrounding this magnificent club. You don’t only get access to an extensive wine list, you also get to talk to like-minded individuals who are collectors and enthusiasts of wine just like yourself. And not to even mention the exhilarating views as well as the attention to detail of the cheeky and intimate spaces within the club.

This was certainly a brilliant experience and we’d recommend this to anyone who love spending the evenings with a bottle of wine by their side. With a central location, great ambience, access to the finest and rarest wines within reach, and friendly staff who are always ready to assist you, what more could you possibly want?

67 Pall Mall Singapore is located at 1 Scotts Road, #27-01, Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208. Find out more about the club on the 67 Pall Mall website.