This 3-in-1 breakfast machine makes your coffee, toast, and eggs at the same time – see where to get this!

Mornings are made much easier (and tastier!) with this breakfast machine from Japan that does it all.

Eating breakfast regularly may be top on your list of new year resolutions, but getting out of bed early to prepare toast and coffee can be a struggle for most of us.

Japanese electronics appliances brand Hirokitchen understands the desire to snuggle in bed for an extra ten minutes everyday, which is why they have invented a breakfast machine that actually prepares your toast, eggs & bacon, and coffee – all at the same time!

Called the ‘3way morning set maker’, it gets all aspects of your breakfast ready in just one-third the time you would normally take.

Although it is recommended that you use the pan on top to fry eggs and bacon, you can also use it to fry other ingredients such as chicken and vegetables – anything your stomach desires!

You can view this blogger’s review of the 3way morning set maker here to see it in action. According to her review, it takes about five to six minutes to toast bread, five to six minutes to boil 450ml of coffee, and six to eight minutes to fry eggs.

Although you may expect this extremely useful appliance from a Japanese brand to be expensive, it actually costs only JPY3,320, which is only around SGD40.60 – sweet!

This 3way morning set maker currently only retails in Japan and has to be ordered directly from Hirokitchen. For more information, visit Hirokitchen’s website or drop them an email.