Try out Starbucks’ new summer launches that taste exactly like French cream pastries

Nothing beats sipping on a cup (or two!) of refreshing beverages to beat the sweltering heat and this week, you bet we’re going to check out a new range of pastry-inspired drinks that Starbucks just debuted.

From today onwards, head down to your nearest Starbucks to try out these treats for yourself.

Chocolate Choux Coffee Frappuccino

Crafted with creamy vanilla bean custard sauce, aromatic espresso, milk and ice blended together, then layered between mocha sauce and vanilla bean custard-flavoured whipped cream, and crumbly graham cracker bits, this blended beverage will be your perfect icy, summer coffee fix.

Priced from S$8.20.

Chocolate Choux Cream Frappuccino

Savour the taste of summer joy with every sip of this drink that features a delicious and creamy blend of vanilla bean custard sauce, milk and ice, layered between rich mocha sauce, vanilla bean custard-flavoured whipped cream goodness, and crumbly graham cracker bits.

Priced from S$8.20.

Strawberry Choux Cream Frappuccino

Love all things strawberries and cream? Then, you won’t want to miss this delicious treat that’s inspired by the French choux pastry. With this drink, vanilla bean custard-flavoured whipped cream and graham cracker crumble are layered on top of a delicious blend of ice, milk, vanilla bean custard sauce, and fresh strawberry chunks.

Priced from S$8.20.

Golden Pineapple Cold Brew

Starbucks’ signature Cold Brew now comes with a refreshingly tangy twist, thanks to this zesty combination of super-smooth Starbucks Cold Brew, frozen lemonade, and pineapple sauce, topped with real pineapple chunks to take your taste buds to your favourite tropical paradise.

Priced from S$7.20.

These appetising beverages are available for a limited time only. Order them in-stores at your nearest Starbucks outlet (hack: beat the queue and order using Starbucks’ Mobile Order & Pay) or via Starbucks’ delivery partners: Foodpanda or Deliveroo.

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