Earn rewards and FREE gifts from Starbucks!

From now till 25 September 2022, Starbucks offers Bonus Stars and FREE treats through the Star Buddies Cafe game!

Simply sign up here for free, to begin your journey in space and accumulate your stars.

Answer a few questions and find out which Buddy team you’re on. After completion, all participants will receive the following:

  • Star Buddies Café Pass: A special digital Starbucks Card that is based on which Buddy Team you’re in – check your Starbucks app to see it!
  • Welcome Gift: FREE special edition Star Buddies lanyard with a Venti drink purchase, while stocks last.

Through the Star Buddies Café Game:

  • Help the Star Buddies with the café tasks by completing your shift as a Space Barista!
  • Level up and brew out-of-this-world drinks, such as Starburst Frappuccino and Cosmic Latte.
  • Earn space beans with each gameplay, which can be converted into Bonus Stars and free treats.
  • No purchase is required to participate.

Experience Galaxy Missions to earn more than 100 Bonus Stars for your FREE drinks and food:

  • 20 Bonus Stars: Order a drink & food
  • 15 Bonus Stars: Reload $30 via the app
  • 10 Bonus Stars: Place an order via Mobile Order & Pay
  • 5 Bonus Stars: Convert space beans for Stars or vouchers
  • 3 Bonus Stars: Daily Check-ins to the game site for a week

Complete all missions within a week (Mon-Sun) to earn 60 Bonus Stars and a Special Edition Starbucks Star Buddies digital card!

On top of that, be sure to check out the member-exclusive merchandise as they are up for grabs! From Gold Studded Cold Cups, Canvas tote bags to Star Buddies Pins! For Starbucks® Rewards Gold members with over 160 Stars, you may also convert your Stars as “value” to redeem these members-exclusive merchandises.

Hurry! Start your adventures with Bearista and the Star Buddies, at the Star Buddies Café here

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