Enjoy opening promotions at rrooll, Singapore’s first specialty cinnamon rolls kiosk


Ready for the ultimate cinnamon roll experience? Introducing rrooll, Singapore’s first specialty cinnamon rolls kiosk serving both sweet and savoury options at Jewel Changi Airport!

Be one of the first lucky customers to experience this magical treat with the brand’s classic cinnamon roll filled with rich buttery cinnamon or other variations in savoury combinations or decadents dessert favourites, all rolled up with rrooll‘s signature soft and fluffy dough!


From now until 15 February, enjoy the limited opening special of S$13 for Box of 4 rolls, where you can choose whatever flavour your heart desires!

Get ready to be the office star when you show up with a box full of this goodness. it’s also gonna be a hit at your Chinese New Year party!

Sweet and savoury


rrooll is the first cinnamon roll brand in Singapore to offer savoury options on their menu, each inspired by popular snacks and viral dishes around the world.

We know that you’re used to your classic and sweet cinnamon roll order, but hear rrooll out!

Hawaiian (S$3.90)


Hawaiian is a classic favourite, but imagine this flavour on your cinnamon roll! It packs a punch with its tangy tomato sauce amidst hints of roasted garlic and herb, filled with real pineapple chunks and ham.

Japanese Curry (S$3.90)


Get that classic Japanese food flavour with rrooll’s Japanese Curry. It’s topped with delicious breadcrumbs and honey chicken ham for a winning combination!

Garlic Onion & Cheese (S$3.40)


You want some more intense flavours? Garlic Onion & Cheese got you covered. Combining buttery garlic goodness with rich cheese for a satisfying snack, this flavour is infused with real organic garlic & onions!

Introducing the sweet varieties of rrooll, here are their other flavours to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings!

Classic Cinnamon (S$3.40)


This cinnamon is often describe as an ‘edible hug.’ It brings forth warm and comforting feelings with its aromatic but rich buttery cinnamon filling and fluffy dough.

Classic Cinnamon is made with molasses sugar and Grade A cinnamon sourced from Korintje, Indonesia, and topped with premium cream cheese frosting.

Hazelnut Rocher (S$3.40)


Made especially for nut lovers, Hazelnut Rocher’s filling combines ground hazelnut and chopped peanuts for a crunchy bite, complete with a subtle tinge of cocoa. Nothing gets nuttier than that!

Sweet Cheese (S$3.10)


Sweet Cheese is an original recipe that reimagines the usual take on parmesan cheese, with a fruity and nutty taste profile resulting in an unparalleled natural umami flavour.

Cinnamon Apple (S$3.40)


For some refreshing tang and zesty flavour, Cinnamon Apple offers up the taste of sweet apples with the warmth of cinnamon hovering in the background, just like a homely apple pie.

Cocoa Orange (S$3.40)


Known to be a magical combination of contrasting pairings, the intense and lush cocoa hits off against the freshness of oranges in Cocoa Orange.

rrooll is now officially open at #B2-266, Jewel Changi Airport. The store will also begin taking online pre-orders through their official website, with delivery scheduled thrice weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

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