Get your soju fix with Pint & Dine’s $50 Yakult Soju Tower

Calling all Korean booze enthusiasts! Missing the fun nights out at Korean bars with your buddies? Fret not, because Korean fusion bar Pint & Dine will be bringing the bar to your own home with its Soju Tower set!

For a limited time only, Pint & Dine is offering a 1.5L Yakult Soju Tower set for just S$50, with free home delivery*. Each tower set includes:

  • Drink tower
  • 2 x Flavoured soju (360ml each)
  • Korean Yakult (340ml)
  • Soda water (325ml)

Simply mix everything together in the tower and you’ll get that delicious Yakult soju you’ve been craving. The best part of this ultimate soju experience is that you’ll get to keep that drink tower for future use!

Pint & Dine is also offering other delicious sets including the Yuzu Milkis Tower (S$55) made using yuzu soju and Milkis, as well as Cojinganmark Tower (S$60) that is infused with Hite beer, original soju, and Coca-Cola.

Head to the website to place your order.

*Delivery is free for orders within a 3km radius of the restaurant. For destinations further than 3km, delivery is free with a minimum order of S$80 for locations within 10km, and S$120 for the rest of Singapore.

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