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GoPro HERO 7 Black – Capturing All Your Precious Moments in HD Quality

Freakishly smooth footage. Smart-capture superpowers. Battle-tested and waterproof without a housing. This is HERO7 Black, the most advanced GoPro ever.

Capture ’battery smooth’ videos with HyperSmooth

Boasting HyperSmooth stabilization that makes it easy to capture professional-looking gimbal-like stabilized video, mum can now easily record fun-filled family activities without the need for additional gimbals or stabilizers! The GoPro HERO7 Black now features HyperSmooth in low light conditions as well – say goodbye to motion blurriness in low light exposure.

Tip #1: Do what the KIDS want to do – Instead of trying to get kids to pose for a photo, set them free to do whatever activity they have in mind, from hide and seek to tag. Participate with them, and you’ll capture the true joy of your child at play.


Use TimeWarp and SuperPhoto to create amazing memories 

Never worry about picture quality again with GoPro’s SuperPhoto function that uses intelligent scene analyzation to create professional-looking photos! Record your adventures on the HERO7 Black with its new TimeWarp feature that applies a high-speed, ‘magic-carpet-ride’ effect to videos. The result is a super-stabilised sped-up video, easily sharable on social media platforms!

Tip #2: Hand the KIDS the camera – Hand your kid the camera and let them run, play and shoot what they think is interesting. The GoProwas literally built for this stuff! You’ll love seeing the world from their perspective and are guaranteed to get a few candid moments to cherish.


Discover the magic hidden within the night sky with Night Photo

GoPro’s improved Night Photo Mode on the HERO7 Black unlocks higher ISO options and longer shutter speeds, making night photography easier. Whether mum is strolling with the family by the beach on a star-filled night or down the busy night markets of Bangkok, she can now capture amazing shots of the night sky with the GoPro HERO7 Black.

Tip #3: Less is more – Keep your videos short to keep everyone’s attention focused on precious moments during your recent family vacation. Simply download the GoPro App and transform all your adventures into an exciting but short video with QuikStory!

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