Chun Cui He 纯萃.喝 (Just Drink) Milk Tea finally returns to Singapore with a celebratory discount!

Note: the discount is available while stocks last. There is no fixed expiry date to this privilege.

Mark your calendars on 21 June 2022 because the ever-popular Chun Cui He 纯萃.喝 (Just Drink) Milk Tea will be back on the shelves of all 7-Eleven outlets across Singapore with a celebratory discount of S$0.50 OFF!

In case you missed out on the craze back in 2016, Chun Cui He is a Taiwanese brand of tea and coffee beverages. Their popular milk tea beverages – known for their pastel-coloured bottles – have been swept off the shelves of 7-Eleven. They are now back after three years to satisfy your milk tea cravings once more!

To celebrate its launch back in Singapore, each beverage will be retailing at S$2.70 instead of its usual S$3.20, while stocks last!

Here are the three flavours that will be available in Singapore:

  • Chun Cui He 纯萃.喝 (Just Drink) Milk Tea – The OG and top favourite flavour with its signature taste of Taiwanese milk tea perfectly balanced with its gentle fragrance.
  • Chun Cui He 纯萃.喝 (Just Drink) Latte –  A wonderful blend of cream, coffee, chocolate and caramel – the perfect balance of sweet and bitter in a bottle.
  • Chun Cui He 纯萃.喝 (Just Drink) Rose Milk Tea –  An aromatic blend of fragrant rose and creamy milk, this rose milk tea has a subtle floral flavour and just the right amount of sweetness for a refreshing afternoon drink.

Head down to your nearest 7-Eleven outlet soon and don’t miss out on this famous beverage!

Follow the official distributor on social media (Aureoasia on Facebook and Instagram) to monitor when they will be replenishing stocks in 7-Eleven.

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