7-Eleven launches Japanese food from S$3.60; 10% discount off chicken dumpling

7-eleven japanese food

Discover delightful new flavours at 7-Eleven as it introduces premium onigiri, packed meals, and Japanese-inspired snacks, all made with the exquisite Hitomebore rice.

What makes Hitomebore rice special? Its glossy, slightly sticky texture and gentle sweetness perfectly complement these Japanese-inspired dishes. If rice isn’t your thing, you can also check out a variety of mouthwatering options for your on-the-go cravings.

The items to look forward to include:

  • 7-Select Salmon Belly Onigiri (S$3.60): Bursting with rich grilled salmon flavours and omega-3 goodness.
  • 7-Select Garlic Butter Scallop Onigiri (S$3.60): A blend of tender scallops and aromatic garlic butter in each bite.
  • 7-Select Yuzu Pepper Chicken Onigiri (S$3.60): A zesty and savoury delight with floral yuzu notes.
  • 7-Select Butter Shoyu Chicken with Rice (S$6.00): Tender chicken thigh with a soy-butter glaze on Hitomebore rice.
  • 7-Select Chicken Sukiyaki with Rice (S$5.80): Rich and hearty sukiyaki stew with a sweet and savoury balance.
  • 7-Select Beef Hamburg with Rice (S$5.80): Captivating minced beef and succulent onion cubes.
  • 7-Select Prawns and Clams Spaghetti (S$5.00): Fresh prawns and tender clams with Japanese-style tomato and garlic sauce.
  • 7-Select Spicy Creamy Tomato Spaghetti (S$5.00): Al dente spaghetti in a creamy tomato sauce enriched with shirodashi.
  • 7-Select Curry Chicken Udon (S$5.00): Chewy udon noodles in a flavourful curry broth with fresh veggies and tender chicken.
  • 7-Select Yuzu Chicken Dumpling (S$3.90): Pan-fried dumplings filled with yuzu-marinated chicken for a citrusy twist.
  • 7-Select Okonomiyaki (S$4.20): Savory Japanese pancake topped with mayo, bonito flakes, seaweed, and okonomi sauce.
  • 7-Select Chicken Ham Katsu + Japanese Style Seaweed Omelette Double Combo Sandwich (S$3.90): A unique twist on omelette and chicken ham in a sandwich.
  • 7-Select Oyakodon Style Chicken Wrap (S$3.80): A handheld version of the classic oyakodon.
  • 7-Select Wasabi Ebi Burger (S$4.00): A savoury shrimp patty with a kick of wasabi mayo.

Plus, from now to 3 October, get S$0.40 off (10% discount!) 7-Select Yuzu Chicken Dumpling with the purchase of any Japanese fusion item mentioned above.