A fully automatic smart mopping robot that can sweep, mop, and even self-clean? Well, it’s here.

If you’re in the market for a mopping robot, then you may have already heard of the Redroad V17.

A leading household appliance brand, Redroad has launched the Redroad G10, as part of its dedication to create a clean and cozy life for its customers.

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The G10 is the result of research into users’ real experience, in order to find out what they are satisfied with when it comes to mopping robots, as well as their pain points.

In Redroad’s survey, it is found that users are often troubled when robots frequently stop working. They also find the regular need to wash mop cloth troublesome, yet they can’t skip the process as they wouldn’t want the dirty cloth to move around the room.

In other words, while a mopping robot could liberate users from household duties, they still have the psychological burden of maintaining the robot.

Keeping in mind their discoveries, Redroad designed the G10 as a means to resolve the biggest complaint by users. This is why the new G10 boasts self-cleaning performance. The innovation allows the G10 to lift the mop cloth after cleaning 10 square meters, go back to the base station for cloth cleaning, before mopping the room again with clean cloth.

Here are other features you can look forward to in the Redroad G10.

A smarter Redroad G10

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Lifted mop cloth

Redroad G10 can recognise carpets and lift the mop cloth by 8mm automatically when cleaning while strengthening its suction power.

These features enhance the effect of cleaning, liberating customers from the chore of washing the mop cloth while solving the problem of second contamination.

Accurate obstacle avoidance

Redroad G10 is equipped with eight Dtofs edgeways, which can help it accurately avoid obstacles on the floor and refrain from intertwining with furs and crashing into furniture, raising cleaning efficiency and protecting the furniture.

Better disinfecting ability

Applying the third generation of brine electrolysis for sterilisation, Redroad G10 has an improved ability to kill bacteria and make its oxidation susceptibility longer. What’s more it could renew itself, which means we don’t need to buy disinfection products anymore.

A more exquisite Redroad G10

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Self-cleaning feature

The most innovative feature of the Redroad G10 has to be its ability to lift the mop cloth and go back to base station automatically after mopping 10 square meters.

This means that the dirty mop cloth will not be contaminating the whole floor, preventing the issue of a second contamination.

After completing the cleaning of the whole house, it can wash the mop cloth deeply, eliminating the hassle of washing the cloth as part of the maintenance process.

Automatic air dry

What’s more, the base station comes with aeration-drying performance, which can dry the cloth, preventing the occurrence of peculiar smell and bacteria, a common problem especially in a humid environment.

Stronger Redroad G10

redroad g10 1

Ability to remove stubborn stain

While it imitates the movement of human’s hands when cleaning, it is also able to perform beyond what we could do with its ability to vibrate 3,000 times per minute, reaching up to 320 wipes per minute.

On top of that, it also offers a strong suction power of 2,800pa.

This strength means that the G10 can remove any stubborn stain.

Long battery life

With a large battery capacity of 5200mAh, the G10 has an ultra-long life battery of 150 minutes, resolving the troubles of frequent charging and abnormal working.

The Redroad G10 (tap on link to see purchase page) retails for S$599 (U.P: S$799).

This article is brought to you by Redroad.

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