Lego partners with Nintendo to release a collection that will evoke all kinds of nostalgia

Just last week, a winning bid of $114,000 set record for the most ever paid for video game. It was a brand new copy of the classic 1985 Super Mario Bros.

This definitely bears testament to the nostalgic childhood memories evoked by our favourite moustached plumber!

Yesterday, LEGO unveiled an exciting Mario-themed LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Building Kit, letting ’80s kids create their very own authentic reproduction of the NES console from bricks – and we can’t wait to get our hands busy!

Recreating your ’80s gameplay

This fun-packed 2,646-piece brick-built set features a Super Mario Bros. “game cartridge”, a plug-in controller, the iconic NES control deck, and is accompanied by a retro style TV that revolutionises classic 8-bit graphics, so nostalgic gamers and LEGO fans can relive their childhood experiences.

Put together to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the original NES, this one’s definitely a collector’s item for all you Super Mario fanatics out there!

From plugging in your controller to loading up your favourite game, this kit is sure to rekindle the fondest of memories. Remember to blow on your Game Pak too!

Jump into the action

When you’re done putting together the kit, it’s time to crank it up! Scroll through the level of the original Super Mario Bros. with the rotating arm located at the bottom-right of the old-school miniature TV.

Watch Mario come to life in the Mushroom Kingdom, leaping and dodging Goombas on this mechanical version of the platform game. To take it up a notch, simply place the interactive LEGO Mario figure on top of the TV and watch him react to on-screen enemies, obstacles and power-ups! Just like old times.

Embellished with speakers that play our favourite musical phrases from the series, this figure has little LCD screens for eyes, mouth and belly, lighting up with inputs from the game.

Purchase the LEGO Mario with the LEGO Super Mario Starter Course.

This unique NES building set is part of an inspiring range of LEGO models designed for hobbyists in search of the next immersive challenge. Or for those of us who simply want to take a trip down memory lane!

The LEGO NES is set to hit the shelves on 1 August, available exclusively at all LEGO Certified Stores in Singapore. All purchases of the NES Building Kit will receive a LEGO brick boxed set as a gift with purchase, while stocks last!

The full LEGO Super Mario product line will also be available directly from LEGO Brand Retail Stores and LEGO Certified Stores in Singapore on their same-day launch.

The LEGO NES retails for S$229.99.

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