Potterheads are going to find this Hogwarts-inspired backpack irresistible

Potterheads, get ready to scream. Japanese fashion label Q-pot collaborates with the Harry Potter franchise to launch the Harry Potter Chocolate Randoseru that displays the Hogwarts emblem on its flap.

The pattern on the synthetic leather used to make the bag is inspired by the brickwork at Platform 9 3/4, as well as to look like a bar of chocolate – a nod to Q-pot’s dessert-inspired design themes.


For the uninitiated, a “randoseru” is a Japanese term that refers to a firm backpack made of stitched firm leather or leather-like material. It is commonly used by primary school children in Japan.


The prominent Hogwarts emblem isn’t the only thing “magical” about this bag. It also comes with a wand holder on the outside – a convenient way for its user to whip out his/her wand to cast a spell anytime.


Flip up the cover and you’ll find a slot where you can display the crest of one of the houses – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, or Hufflepuff. All four are included with the bag, so you can slip any one you prefer that day.


Finally, the bag has a clear pocket that allows you to display the Hogwarts acceptance letter, which is also provided when you buy the bag.


The Q-pot Harry Potter Chocolate Randoseru comes with a six-year guarantee to make sure the bag lasts through the child’s six-year primary school education.

The Q-pot Harry Potter Chocolate Randoseru retails for 110,000 yen (~S$1352,70) and pre-orders are available on the Q-pot website. Delivery will only be made in the later half of February 2022.