Cute pet beds, kennels, and mats that will give your furkid sweet dreams

A udon cup noodle pet bed went viral after a Twitter user uploaded a series of images of his Shiba Inu, Yuki, resting in it.

It comes with a huge cushion with the words “instant noodle” printed on it, as well as a “lid” that can be used as a blanket.

Check out the video of Yuki “testing” out the bed below.

However, Amazon doesn’t seem to ship this particular item to Singapore, so we curated several other equally adorable options that are available for purchase so you can turn your furkid’s bedtime into an extra adorable affair.

Cute pet beds, kennels and mats to get

Pizza Mat Cover


Is pizza one of your favourite comfort meals? Let your pet share this love with this adorable cover. Suitable for both cats and dogs, this cover is available in four sizes that you can choose according to the mat you have at home.

Price starts from US$3.12 (~S$4.30) and is available on AliExpress. The same merchant also stocks cute avocado, bread, vegetables, raw meat and sunny side up cover.

Fruit tart bed


Does your pet have a sweet tooth? Give them the bed of their dreams with this cute fruit tart bed, with toys that look like fruits such as kiwi and orange slice, as well as blueberries to boot.

Retails for US$17.61 (~S$24.50) and is available on AliExpress.

Hot dog bed


Love a good pun? Your sense of humour isn’t going to resist this adorable bed that also looks very comfortable. While it’s probably funniest with a doggy in there, cats are going to love it too.

Available in two sizes. Price starts from US$16.63 (~S$23.10) and is available on AliExpress.

Banana peel bed


In four sizes and multiple colours (although we’d say you should go for classic yellow), this serves as both a bed and a cover for a cosy sleep-in.

Retails for S$56 (discounted at the time of writing) on Lazada.

Flamingo sofa mat


This sofa mat gives off serious holiday vibes, perfect for a lazy day in.

Retails for US$20.43 (~S$28.45) on AliExpress.

Miniature human bed for pets


A bed for your furkid that look like yours? This even comes with a teeny weeny bolster!

Available in three designs, each with three size options. Prices start from S$28.04 (discounted at the time of writing) on Shopee.

Princess doll bed


You call your furkid your “princess”, and the only befitting bed option is probably this.

Available in several designs, each with two size options. Prices start from US$117 (~S$163) and available on AliExpress.

Shark’s mouth bed


This lightweight bed can be easily moved around the house or into the car and it makes for a great prop for a photo-op.

Available in three colours, each with two size options. Prices start from S$13.40 (discounted at the time of writing) on Shopee.

Crepe bed


Similarly, this bed looks like a delicious crepe and we’re sure it’ll be your pet’s new favourite hangout spot. We love how it’s paired with small strawberry and kiwi “slices” that will give your furkid sweet dreams.

Retails for S$89.78 on Shopee.

Christmas tree bed


Get this and keep it for December. We’re sure it’ll be the conversation-starter at every party you host and make the bed (and your furkid) the centre of everyone’s attention.

The same merchant also carries a Santa hat variation of this product. Price starts from S$13.35 (discounted at the time of writing) and is available on Shopee.

Pineapple kennel


And since we’re on the topic of festival, why not consider one for Chinese New Year too? These pineapple kennels aren’t just cute for the CNY period, it honestly still looks cheery any day of the year.

Available in two sizes. Price starts from US$8.75 (~S$12.20) and is available on AliExpress.

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