Stylish Korean glasses at S$68 instead of S$248?!

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There are a lot of things that we tend to take for granted in the midst of our hectic schedules — and our health is one of them.

More specifically? Our eye health. An often overlooked aspect when it comes to wellness, eye care is essential as to maintaining a good vision. The trick to ensuring so? Finding a well-fitted pair of glasses, of course, as well as regular eye exams.

Luckily for you, Avenue One has located just the place that can help you do just that. Intrigued? We know we were.

Your Eye Guardian: the best provider for reliable eye care


Founded in 2002, Your Eye Guardian is an optometry center dedicated to providing professional eye examinations using the most advanced instruments. Why? The answer lies in three of their imperative missions:

  • To prevent blindness
  • To make good glasses
  • To build friendships

And this holiday season, they plan to do just that with their amazing promotions.

Promotion: 3-in-1 bundle deal at just SGD68



At just SGD68, you’ll be able to get:
1. Comprehensive Eye Health Screening with our dedicated Optometry Team.
Having blurriness, discomfort or dry eyes?
FACT: It MAY NOT be normal, because…
Your eyes may be DETERIORATING without you even knowing about it! (in fact, we’ve seen THOUSANDS of such cases since we’ve been in operation for the last 18 years)
This package includes:
  • Retina Photography: on the surface, your eyes may look okay BUT it is what happens on the inside retina of your eye that matters the most. Our retina photography allows us to the inside retina to see if there is any damage or problems in the eye
  • Glaucoma Screening: this is commonly known as the “Silent Thief Of Sight” because it affects so many people without them even knowing it, especially those who are above 40 years old. Our Glaucoma Screening will help you spot early symptoms so that you can start taking preventive measures
  • Cataract Screening: this is another common problem, especially amongst the elder generation. It’s very important to spot this early as well so that the proper clinical advise can be meted out manage this condition
  • Immediate Result & Consultation: our in house optometrists with over 22 years of experience will also do an assessment on the results and provide the best possible
  • management for your ocular condition. This definitely  isn’t one of those 5 minute checks at your neighbourhood eye optical shops. These are comprehensive checks using Hospital Grade specialized equipment to detect glaucoma, cataracts, retinal damages and are usually worth SGD88.
2. A pair of stylish Korean TR-90 frames: also known as the most durable and lightweight of frames that are super popular amongst locals. You’ll be able to pick from 25 different designs, with it normally being valued at SGD70 by itself!
3. UV-400 lens: pair your new frames with these top-quality, multi-coat lenses that are both anti-reflective and have reduced glare features. Valued at $90.
It usually costs SGD248, but under this promotion, you’ll be able to enjoy it at just SGD68. Score!


Fill in this form and a representative from Your Eye Guardian will be contacting you!

Your Eye Guardian: 

Address: Blk 18 Jalan Membina, #02-10, Singapore 164018

Opening hours: Mon: 11am-8pm, Wed-Sat: 11am-8pm, Sun: 11am-3pm, closed on Tuesdays.