Here’s how you can get your hands on popular instant noodles from brands like Kiki, Ippudo, and Ichiran

True Asians know that instant noodles aren’t just a staple in uni students’s diet, but is a food culture in itself. There is even a museum dedicated to cup noodles in Japan!

However, some of the most interesting, must-try flavours of instant noodles out there are only available in certain countries, and the only way we can get our hands on them is by asking friends and family to bring back from their trips.

But did you know that you can actually find many of these famous instant noodles right in our backyard, and by that we mean on online shopping platforms, ready to be delivered to your doorstep? With surprisingly reasonable shipping fees, there’s no reason we have to limit ourselves to what local supermarkets offer.

Here are 15 yummy instant noodles that you should really try right now!

Taiwanese Instant Noodles

1. Mom’s Dry Noodle Dan Dan Mian

Sichuan flavoured noodles are, of course, a must try, and this version from Mom’s Dry Noodle is one of the most popular in Taiwan. It comes in four sachets: the noodles, Sichuan seasoning, sesame base and chili oil for that spicy kick.

You can get the Mom’s Dry Noodle Dan Dan Mian from Shopee for SGD10.96 for a pack of four.

2. TTL Sesame Oil Chicken Instant Noodles With Rice Wine

This popular instant noodles from TTL comes with real chicken pieces, sesame oil seasoning, and an interesting alcoholic twist – a package of rice wine, which goes surprisingly well with the chicken and sesame flavours.

The TTL Sesame Oil Chicken Instant Noodles retails for SGD9.56 per pack on Shopee.

3. Kiki Sun Dried Instant Noodles

Endorsed by famous actress Shu Qi, the Kiki Sun Dried Instant Noodles sparked an instant food craze in Taiwan when they first came out, and you can get your hands on them here in Singapore, too. As the name suggests, the noodles are sun dried instead of fried, making it a healthier option.

There are four flavours for you to choose from: scallion, Sichuan pepper, vinegar, and spicy vinegar. Each one costs SGD11.11 on Shopee.

4. Uni-President Manhan Instant Noodles

This one is definitely for the spicy food lovers out there, with four flavours available: beef, chili beef, mala hot pot beef and chili pork. The noodles also come with a generous amount of real beef or pork pieces to make it a substantial meal on its own.

All four flavours are available for order here at SGD10.50 per pack.

Japanese Instant Noodles

5. Nissin Cup Noodles

Even though Nissin cup noodles are widely available in Singapore, you can’t find this original version in the iconic packaging at the supermarkets. Apart from the original flavour with chashu, egg and shirmp in the ingredients, you can also buy other popular flavours such as curry, seafood, chili tomato and tom yum kung.

You can order these cup noodles here at SGD8.70 each.

6. Nissin Donbei Kitsune

Nissin is Japan’s largest instant ramen brand so it’s unsurprising that they have so many popular and iconic flavours that we must try, one of which is the rich and flavoursome Donbei Kitsune. This instant udon comes with savoury soy sauce-based soup, spicy pepper powder and aburaage (deep fried tofu).

The Nissin Donbei Kitsune is available on Shopee at SGD9.00.

7. Nissin Men Shokunin


For the health conscious out there, this Men Shokunin ramen Nissin will be the go-to solution for your instant noodles cravings. The noodles are non-fried and made of whole grains, providing a healthier alternative to your regular instant noodles while not compromising the taste.

You can order the Nissin Men Shokunin ramen here, prices ranging from SGD7.90 to SGD8.80 depending on the flavour.

8. Sapporo Ichiban Shio Ramen

After NISSIN, Sapporo Ichiban is the second largest instant ramen brand in Japan and the Shio Ramen is one of their most popular flavours. The shio (salt) soup gives the ramen a rich umami taste while the sesame that comes in a separate pack gives it an extra kick of flavour.

The Sapporo Ichiban Shiop Ramen comes in a pack of five, available at SGD26.23 here.

9. Ippudo Instant Ramen

Ramen-lovers in Singapore definitely are familiar with the popular ramen chain Ippudo. But did you know they have their own instant ramen version? The Ippudo Instant Ramen reproduces the flavour of Ippudo’s signature tonkotsu broth. It also comes with two additional packs of seasoning oils: black soy sauce and spicy miso, for the ultimate Ippudo flavour.

You can buy a set of three packs for SGD23.25 here.

10. Nakiryu Dan Dan Men

While Japanese Michelin starred ramen restaurant Nakiryu has not opened a shop in Singapore, you can already have a taste of their famous creation with this Nakiryu Dan Dan Men instant ramen. Expect thick and creamy sesame broth with a hint of spiciness accompanied by thin, chewy noodles.

The Nakiryu Dan Dan Men is available on Shopee for SGD10.90.

11. Ichiran Instant Ramen

Yet another premium instant ramen from a popular restaurant chain in Japan, because if you’re going to order it all the way from Japan, you might as well have the best! The noodles are thick, chewy and go well with the rich and flavoursome tonkotsu-based broth.

The Ichiran Instant Ramen is available in five-serving packs at SGD43.20 on Shopee.

Korean Ramyun

12. Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black

If you like the ever popular Shin Ramyun, you will love this upgraded premium version. The noodles are bouncier and chewier, and the soup is thicker with a more intense beef flavour.

You can buy the Nongshim Shin Ramyun Black in a pack of four on Shopee for SGD14.90.

13. Nongshim Neoguri Ramyun

Seafood lovers will definitely enjoy this Nong Neoguri Stir-fry Ramyun, which offers a combination of spiciness and rich seafood flavour. The noodles are thicker than normal ramyun and are topped with a variety of garnishes including fish cakes.

The Nongshim Neoguri Ramyun comes in packs of four, available on Shopee at SGD10.52.

14. Paldo Bibim Myun

As much of a ramyun lover as you are, sometimes it’s just too hot out for a steamy bowl of noodles. Instead, try the Paldo Bibim Myun, which combines cold noodles with a sweet, spicy sauce to deliver a refreshing flavour that’s perfect for our weather!

The Paldo Bibim Myun is available on Shopee at SGD9.90 per pack of five.

15. Samyang Korean Gomtang Ramyun

For something different than the popular spicy noodles from Samyang, try their Gomtang Ramyun that has a rich, milky, beef-flavoured soup with chewy noodles.

It retails for SGD15.80 for two packs of five on Shopee.

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