The Astor Grill Introduces Cut of the Month – Livingstone Australian Full Blood Wagyu Striploin – to Delight Your Tastebuds

In July and August, The Astor Grill at The St. Regis Singapore elevates the dining experience with its exceptional Cut of the Month, meticulously curated by Chef de Cuisine Angelo Sergio. This premium steakhouse, renowned for its quality cuts, invites patrons to indulge in the Livingstone Australian Full Blood Wagyu Striploin (250g, S$128), a dish designed to captivate and delight the senses.

the astor grill raw cuts

The Livingstone Farms, known for their dedication to breeding Fullblood Wagyu beef, provide the centrepiece for this month’s offering. These Victorian boutique farmers adhere to strict guidelines, ensuring their Wagyu consistently meets premium MB 7-8 quality. By minimising animal stress and providing a specialised diet for over 500 days, they produce a tender, flavourful cut that stands out among the finest.

Livingstone Australian Full Blood Wagyu Striploin

Chef Angelo’s preparation of the Wagyu Striploin is nothing short of perfection. Grilled to bring out the rich marbling and natural flavours, the meat is succulent and melts in your mouth. The accompanying French butter garlic sauce adds a layer of decadence, enhancing the Wagyu’s inherent richness. Chef’s signature sauce provides a unique twist, while the side of grilled mushrooms complements the dish with earthy undertones. This is also the pairing sauce that the AVENUE ONE team enjoyed the most.

the astor grill choice of knives
Picking out your own steak knife is part of the dining ritual at The Astor Grill.

For those who prefer a more traditional pairing, the option to choose from Bearnaise, Bordelaise, or Chimichurri sauces offers a diverse culinary experience, each adding its own distinct flavour profile to the Wagyu.

To elevate the meal further, Chef Angelo recommends the Marchesi Di Barolo Nebbiolo Alba Michet, 2020. This wine, with its fruity hints of raspberry, spicy and ethereal aromas of violet and vanilla, and delicate oaky notes, pairs perfectly with the full-bodied flavours of the Wagyu Striploin. The docile tannins and lithe, juicy finish of the wine harmonize beautifully with the meat, creating a memorable dining experience. A glass of this exquisite wine is available for S$24, while a bottle can be enjoyed and shared for S$120.

Chef Angelo’s Cut of the Month is available for both lunch and dinner service from now till August. The Astor Grill by St. Regis is located at 29 Tanglin Road, Lobby Level, The St. Regis, Singapore, 247911.